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They are pissed!! EDIT: I also just noticed something which is being complained about in the forum. The slot for the bitmap is only for a file, not as slot that integrates with layers. So if you have any bitmaps in a filter shader for example. You won't be able to use the filter.

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I do this fairly often as well. I'll take the diffuse image, and put it in a filter shader in the bump map slot as I can desaturate the image and increase the contrast and brightness. Now if I want to do that and use the advanced bitmap shader , I will have to take that image into photoshop first. Mine took about 25 minutes. But I am using an Intel i5 Asus laptop with a discrete graphics card I think it works as well as it does only because I updated the chipset drivers from new Intel versions instead of Asus.

So there should be no comparison. You should be at least half of my time I would think. Maybe I missed this trick in R But I guess if you have the materialpreviews in the application folder. And then select all materials and right-click selecting 'Render All Materials' you don't have to sit around right clicking every material and selecting 'VRAY Sphere GI ' -- which was taking 30 minutes. However, the Vray2Sided shader is seriously F.

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It takes like 15 minutes for that material to render the first time you load a scene. You can get this for about - bucks. I have to update myself cause i am using the first edition of intel core i7 Nehalem, Bloomfield - now we have the 4. Why dont u try the c4d advanced Render or physical render?

Install Vray 3.6.0 in C4D r19 on MAC (Mojave OS)

Vray is better when u really need GI and for architectural scenes, esp. I did a lot of performance comparison with those 2 and on similar render settings and results there is really not much difference in performance. Sometimes AR was even faster and better cornell box tests. It uses a light weight V-Ray standalone installation on reach render node. When you ant to use the vrscene feature DR, you need to make sure the scene has only native V-Ray shaders in use. Internal C4D shaders will render grey or black on the V-Ray standalone.

We have added a small tool that might help you to transform an old scene to the vrscene conform setup. You find in V-Ray plugins menu a Bitmap to Vray bitmap converter. It will take all c4d bitmaps and pit them into VrayAdvBitmap shader. Due the nature how c4dloadsimages, it can be that you need to click inside the text paths field of the new generated shader and press one time enter, to initializing the image to be loaded we are looking to surround this need. In rare cases you will need to manually open the needed tcp port, this is for vray normally Also make sure to have the feature asset sending on, if you not have a server that shares all textures in one place and is mounted as netdrive on all clients.

Here is FINAL result of my render good buckets were rendered locally, black one are from DR-slave : I don't have any c4d shader being usen in the project, even rendering a simple scene with hdri environment without any object ends up like your rendering.

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The one we have here was build on Okt. Thanks is Offline. March February RSS Feed. Windows xp, vista, 7, 8. Vray cinema 4d r13 mac crack. Live interior 3d pro 2. I had absolutely zero problems installing this. I used the old keyfile and it was painless. I loaded the BBB3 Interior, and it rendered perfectly. My only problem. Its not really so much behind vray in my opinion. I use it quite often instead of vray. Some features on our site e. All products or brand names mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

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Javascript needs to be activated. Shopping Cart. Update 1. Added macOS support for our Python extension. Fixed a bug in the player extension Fixed a bug in material quality selection. The selected quality is now always applied at render time Fixed a bug in the player extension for SketchUp Japanese that prevented switching between model variants and seasons Known issues: special characters in Windows user names prevent running the player extension Ruby error 3ds Max Added support for 3ds Max Added Arnold 5 support Fixed a bug in Laubwerk material creation for V-Ray RT Fixed a bug that caused the ART renderer to crash Fixed a bug that caused 3ds Max to crash when double-clicking inside the Laubwerk browser where there are no plants Maya Added Arnold 5 support Dropped support for Maya Known issues: MacOS X Player plugin doesn't work with Maya Now, the texture group parameters for the base material are being set properly.

Added compatibility for Thea Render 1. Set names of texture maps by texture names. Fixed a bug for 3ds Max that now prevents crashes when using Forest Pack. Fixed a bug for model files, which now get exported when saving as archive. Fixed a bug with manual setting of asset paths. Thumbnails now use Retina resolution when available.

Enabled "Show custom parameters" option when creating Arnold tags.

For all platforms Textures are now delivered with straight alpha instead of premultiplied. Added support for the Arnold Renderer. Improved Maxwell material setups. Added Maxwell material thumbnails. Materials now use V-Ray 3 Opacity Mode when available. Added a check for 3ds Max SP1 Installer. Fixed some problems with special characters in the Laubwerk Plants library path. Fixed some problems with the Laubwerk Browser not displaying correctly in some cases.

Resolved some 3ds Max display problems. Fixed bug in 1. Added support for 3ds Max Houdini Significant performance improvement loading plant objects. Added full German language support for 3ds Max Improved help documents. Enhanced material creation. Faster and more reliable Plant Library Browser. Various improvements for better performance of "Save with Assets" function. Laubwerk Plants now work more reliably with Team Render.

Fixed wrong UVs in 3 plant models. Material assignments are not yet working correctly. Contact support laubwerk.

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Improved file handling with Team Renderer, i. Improved handling of plant objects in animations, i. Added support for more Undo operations. Improved Laubwerk Browser, which is now multithreaded, and caches thumbnails. Python Added support for Python 2. French localization with names of plant species, descriptions, help and user interface. Thumbnail images in the Plant Object now changes with model variation or age is change.