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One way to prevent this issue from happening with your Seagate or other external hard drive is to set up your external hard drive as specified in the directions that come with the product.

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While almost every piece of hardware is now plug-n-play, some do need those extra configurations and software to get the best performance. You can try searching on Google for others who have solved this problem, although many will simply suggest that you reformat the drive or get a second backup and then reformat your hard drive. Some companies will, like Seagate, have specific drivers that you can install to help your Mac identify your external hard drive as read and write again.

How to fix A Read Only External Drive - Mac/Window -

The lock icon changes to the unlocked position, indicating that you can now make changes to the permissions. Choose a user or group of users in the list, and click the "Read-Only" privilege beside it.

Select "Read-Write" from the drop-down menu. Click the "Lock" icon when you have finished changing permissions to prevent anyone from changing them again without the administrative password.

How to solve read-only external hard drive without formatting on Mac?

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This could take several minutes. Click "OK" in both windows to close them.

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