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Insights has two ways to filter transactions. You can view transactions with new merchants or all transactions by merchant. If you add multiple credit and debit cards, Insights will give you a better idea where you are spending the most and new vendors you have frequented even if the charges are spread across multiple credit or debit card.

That would make it possible to use Balance side-by-side with a spreadsheet or other app.

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Balance may also work well for small business owners who need to keep tabs on the use of company credit cards by multiple people. By using Plaid as an intermediary with financial institutions, Balance brings together disparate sources of data into one unified, well-designed, secure, and organized view that saves you the time of checking the websites of multiple institutions. Balance is a free download on the Mac App Store with In-App Purchases of subscriptions that are priced based on the number of accounts you want to track.

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It'll also give you access to advanced iOS shortcuts, tips and tricks, and lots more. Join the Club. John Voorhees. Enter a valid payment method. If you have a credit card, enter it now.

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A valid local gift card should also be acceptable. Enter your billing address associated with you local credit card. Click Continue. Method 3. Open the iTunes store and scroll to the bottom right of the screen.

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Click on the flag on the bottom of the screen. The flag should match the current country you reside in. Scroll down the list of flags and choose the flag of the country you wish to browse. You should be routed to the homepage of the iTunes or App Store of that country. You will be able to browse what's offered in that country, but you will not be able to buy any music, movies, or apps. Method 4. Troubleshoot an active iTunes Match subscription. Cancel your subscription or wait for it to expire and then switch countries.

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Troubleshoot an incomplete pass. You must either complete the pass by watching the episodes associated with the pass or wait for the pass to expire. Wait at least 30 days without renewing a rental and you should be able to switch accounts. Troubleshoot store credit balance. Unfortunately, you need to use up all credit on your store balance before you switch accounts. If you have less money than you could use to buy something, add a credit card to your account; then purchase something slightly above the amount for which you have credit.

The credit will be used up and the remaining amount will be charged to your credit card. Without existing credit, you should be able to switch accounts. Troubleshoot a pending store credit refund. To purchase themes, please follow the steps below:. Tap here to open the Theme Shop from your smartphone. The stickers that appear in the theme preview images are not sold as a set.

Any theme with the Send as gift button on its purchase page can be sent to a friend as a gift. To view your theme purchase history, please follow the steps below:.

You can check your Coin balance by following the steps below:. If you are short Coins when trying to buy stickers or themes, but have enough Points to make the purchase, they will be automatically exchanged for Coins. You can check your Coin balance from your smartphone here. The exchange rate may differ depending on the country you are using LINE in.

You can view the various rates here. For information on how to send stickers and themes as gifts, see the Help articles below. If the Send as gift button doesn't appear for the item you've selected, it means that sticker set or theme cannot be sent as a gift. Note: In this case, the person can receive gifts if they verify their account with a phone number.

You need to download stickers that are gifted to you in order to use them.

Please follow the steps below to do so. Some sticker sets are only valid for a limited time. The validity period for those stickers will start to count down from the day they are downloaded. Note : If the above mentioned stickers are sent as a gift, their validity period will start to count down after 16 days from the day they were received.

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Please visit the website below for more information on making payments. You may be unable to purchase stickers and themes in the following cases:. Stickers and themes sometimes go on sale at different times in the App Store and Google Play.

How to Check an iTunes / App Store Account Balance Quickly from iOS & Mac OS X

Android users, please see here. If you were charged for the same purchase multiple times, we can check your purchase history and cancel the duplicate payments. However, if you have already used the Coins or Credit, we may not be able to do so. Note : If you made your purchase through Apple, we cannot check the purchase history.

In this case, please contact Apple directly. Purchased items cannot be cancelled or refunded. Items can only be cancelled in the event you are charged more than once for the same item. Duplicate Payment.