How to pop key back on mac

Keypad right arrow key popped off

When you think you have it aligned perfectly, press down firmly but gently on the right side of the key until it snaps into place, and then slowly slide your finger across it to the left. Listen as subsequent hinges snap into place and that satisfying "click" is heard when the last corner meets its hinge-mate.

If you are unable to get the key to snap into place, try removing the hinge and starting over from step 3, this time flipping the hinge another direction. You may have it upside down or sideways, which means you would also have to turn the key sideways in order for it to work. Repeat this last step for the remaining keys that you accidentally broke off until all of them are on, and then take a deep breath: You successfully completed your own repair of a computer.

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Do you feel like you could conquer the world yet? Because you just learned how to put a letter back on a Macbook keyboard, so you should.

How to Put a Letter Back on a Macbook Keyboard

After everything is said and done, it should go without saying that you should turn on your computer and check to make sure everything is working properly. There shouldn't be too many issues, as the actual key isn't what allows you to type; it's the button underneath it. But if you do have problems, you may need to look into getting your keyboard professionally repaired or removing the top case to check for connection issues.

Happy key-replacing! Feel free to comment with questions! Information References:.

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Step 1) Get the Key(s)

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They sent it back to apple to get fixed and they replaced the whole keyboard. I also had problems with the wifi so they replaced the logic board too.

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I picked it up this past Friday. By Sunday, the Tab key is now sticking. First it was the right return key that was sticking.

I took it to the Apple store where the tech tried to brush any crumbs away. He also writes fiction, with two technothriller novels, a couple of SF shorts and a rom-com! January 23, Reports of stuck keys on inch MacBooks, some fixable, others needing replacement Ben Lovejoy - Jan.

MacBook Butterfly Keyboard Key Removal

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