Mac safari show developer tools

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  2. Add More Features by Enabling Safari's Develop Menu.
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How to use the Safari Develop Menu on a Mac

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  • How to open the developer console – Airtable - Support.
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  • I'd forgotten that you had to enable it. They can be tricky, those Apple devs. Gaff Note that "Inspect element" only shows up if the "Develop" menu is enabled.

    MacOS: Enable Web Inspector In Safari

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    Using The Browser Error Console

    Featured on Meta. Here you can type JavaScript expressions and statements at the prompt. For example, to see local storage, you can type localStorage , and then click on the object link to see the details. To clear local storage, just type localStorage. To access developer tools in Chrome, right-click on any element or the background of a web page, and choose Inspect Element.

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    • How to open the developer console.
    • This will bring up the developer console. It will look very similar to Safari because both browsers are Webkit-based browsers. You can also access the JavaScript console and other tools here. Use the Resources console to clear local storage by selecting individual items in storage and then clicking the X at the bottom of the window, or by using the Console and typing localStorage.

      Step 1) Download Xcode

      Similar to Chrome, the best way to bring up the developer tools in Opera is to right-click on any element in your page and choose Inspect Element. This will bring up the developer console window in the browser window. To remove items from local storage, you can right click on an item, and choose delete item or delete all.