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Any suggestions would be mightily appreciated!! Dashboard used to have a translation widget, an operating system or two ago. I used it a lot — it was very handy. Anyone else able to add widgets? Anyone has a recommendation for a similar dashboard widget please? I really liked this feature.

Feb 13, S. I loved the dashboard. I even tried to clone for windows kludgets. But it was probably removed because it was such a resource hog. Such that each widget is a browser window in itself. I never noticed. Clicking it again, disappears the Dashboard. Opened with the function key, and clicking the icon in the Dock also disappears the Dashboard. I was wondering where mission control went since I updated to macOS Mojave. I had used it a couple of times in High Sierra, but lost sight of it upon updating to Mojave.

The Dictionary and Conversion tools alone are so useful, and if you have a team that is spread across multiple time zones, multiple clocks is beyond useful. It would be an absolute shame if Apple does away with Dashboard…. Nice seeing a nice visual of the weather real quick by pressing the middle mouse wheel button.

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Still use it for weather, stocks, Shipped Packages, etc. But miss Radar in Motion. Name required. Mail will not be published required.

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All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. David says:. June 4, at am. It makes it incredibly easy and fun to create to-do lists such as shopping lists, school assignment lists, checklists, birthday lists, spring cleaning lists, gift lists, vacation packing lists, to-do lists, or any list you need. I can then see my newly added files from my Android tablet, my SmartPhone, or really anything that has a browser and internet connection. Games 89 You should be working, but these widgets are sure to tear you away.

With Auto Snooze, your todo list never gets stale. Your My Day list starts out empty—helping you to be more intentional about what you want to get done. If you ever come across a problem with your Mac weather widget, you should know what to do. Reply Delete Do you need a tool for managing your time? And the best part is this Kludget Engine designed to run widgets available at the Apple widgets page. A fun way to customize the Mac desktop is to add floating widgets for things like weather, ski conditions, stocks, and time. Download Todoist for free on mobile and desktop.

The number one task organizer for Windows. Best to do list for Microsoft power users and Wunderlist refugees In , Microsoft bought Wunderlist and put that team to work on a new to do list apps. Simple to-do list app for Windows 10 I was looking through couple of to-do list apps in the Windows store but couldn't find anything simple?

Is there any to-do list application for Windows 10 that sits in notification tray so that it's convenient not to open a big screen app, instead just a small windows to the top of notification tray itself? Dashboard was an application for Apple Inc. Sep 13, The official Trello for Desktop App is here! The app is free for all users and is available on Mac and Windows. Todoist free helps you tackle your to-do list, and this widget serves as a reminder of everything you need to accomplish for any given day.

I love it. Special Note: When launching the desktop widget for the first time, you may need to refresh your browser. For a list of Trello web browser keyboard shortcuts, click here. Never forget a meeting, deadline or the milk again.

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Information 49 Know it all with widgets for weather, tides, astronomy and more. The best way to increase productivity is to use a Task Planner. List-making made simple! View and edit your lists directly from the home screen. With its beautiful material design, your modern desktop will complement it perfectly. It lets users create widgets using JavaScript. With one click of this desktop widget you can go to an online, fillable Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, right from your computer's desktop! My To-Do List. I bought the premium version because I loved it so much!!

I love the dark theme! The only change I'd make, is that my reminders on Any. Choose from dozens of widgets and skins to customize your desktop, with optional widgets from the built-in store, that will enhance your desktop experience like never before. In the mean time, please take a Get to know the Mac desktop. Here are the top to-do list and note-taking apps.

Wunderlist is a beautifully designed to-do list app for your Mac, that makes it easy and fun Center to see all the to-dos on your agenda with the Today widget. This is composed of a wide variety of gadgets that can be placed on the desktop. This add-in, which has already been available on Mac and TIP: Set up email forwarding filters and automations on your desktop computer. At the top of the screen is the menu bar and at the bottom is the Dock.

Everyday when you powered on your computer, you will see a calendar on your desktop with your full control. The desktop is where you do most of your work. To-Do DeskList surprised us by delivering a fresh, unusual design and just the right number of features. About To Do A lightweight and fast widget to manage tasks.

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While working offline you can always view your to-do list. You can remove these individually via Includes a todo-list Works also as Litestep plugin Displays the current date in tray icon Can stick to the desktop i. Download the desktop and mobile apps to get the most precise weather forecasts from weather stations in your neighborhood.

Unfortunately, the list of apps in Launchpad will also be reset. The most important reason people chose Wunderlist is: It was the gadget that you may have noticed first when you opened your computer for the first time back when the latest type of Windows was Windows 7. We've made it easier for you to complete Form I We get several choices of thems for the sticky widget on Desktop: Did I tell you the weather icons animate as well?

You can turn it off if you prefer to do so on the Preferences pannel of the app. Check out the widget for other tricks.

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First up, you need to get Dashboard running, which you can do easily by pressing f12 on your keyboard. This widget can be used on both Windows and Mac computers. Creating a new reminder is as easy as creating a new event: just type in what you need to get done. Cal by Any. If you need more features, check the free Power Do task manager gadget. There is also cloud syncing so you can access your tasks on a variety of devices, including desktop, web,. Organize tasks in your own to-do lists and assign icons to both tasks and About To Do A lightweight and fast widget to manage tasks.

Desktop Widgets are small applications that provide frequently used functions such as an alarm clock, a calculator, a text box linked to Google etc.

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Once Dashboard is active, release the mouse from the widget. But then again, no matter how advanced your hardware may be, there are times when you encounter errors with it. The latest seven comic strips are promised at any given time. Check out the widget for other tricks. Want to know the flicks playing in the hood? Want to read a synopsis and view trailers to help you decide which to see?

10 Best Dashboard Widgets for Your Mac

Apple supplied the widget with OS X. It even lets you purchase tickets via Fandango. In the meantime, anyone up for Hitchcock? Press or rather click this single button in the Dashboard to make something happen on your Mac. You can put the Mac to sleep, log out, restart, or shut down, all after that single click. You can fine-tune these actions.