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Running a Python script on macOS is often one of those things. Python scripts can be executed in a couple different ways, depending on what tools you have at your disposal. Use the cd command to navigate to the folder containing the Python file. If you copied the pathname above, paste the pathname after the cd command. Of course, replace filename with the actual name of your script. In our example, we replaced it the filename with configure.

By default, macOS comes with Python 2. If it is installed on your Mac, you can run Python scripts from Finder. Alternatively, Python scripts can be dragged onto the Python Launcher icon.

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This works with the Python Launcher icon in both the Dock and in the Applications folder. You can also adjust the Python Launcher with a few additional options. This post originally appeared on Mitchell Cohen's Blog, Mitchchn. Exciting, right? But it really does come in handy as a command-line double-click. For instance, typing:. Recall that OS X apps are not true executables, but actually special directories bundles with the extension.

It can also launch other files that are truly bundles, such as Pages documents. If you point open at a file instead, it will try to load the file with its associated GUI application.

UNIX: Working the Command Line in OS X

You can set the -a flag to choose the app yourself, or -e to open the file for editing in TextEdit. Running open on a directory will take you straight to that directory in a Finder window. This is especially useful for bringing up the current directory by typing open. Remember that the integration between Finder and Terminal goes both ways — if you drag a file from Finder into a Terminal window, its full path gets pasted into the command line.

These two commands let you copy and paste text from the command line. Of course, you could also just use your mouse—but the real power of pbcopy and pbpaste comes from the fact that they're UNIX commands, and that means they benefit from piping, redirection, and the ability to be in scripts in conjunction with other commands. You can easily capture the contents of a file:. This hacked-up script will grab the link of the latest Google doodle and copy it to your clipboard.

Run AppleScript from the Command Line in Mac OS X with osascript

Using pbcopy with pipes is a great way to capture the output of a command without having to scroll up and carefully select it. This makes it easy to share diagnostic information. For instance, if you want to save email subject lines to a task list, you could copy the subjects from Mail. Many a Linux power user has tried to use locate to search for files on a Mac and then quickly discovered that it didn't work. So why not tap into its power from the command line?

Supporting both old and new versions of iTerm2

That's exactly what mdfind does. Anything Spotlight can find, mdfind can find too.

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That includes the ability to search inside files and metadata. For instance, the -onlyin flag can restrict the search to a single directory:. The mdfind database should stay up to date in the background, but you can also troubleshoot it as well as Spotlight using mdutil.

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Notes: If you need to do something that requires root admin access, you can prefix your command with sudo. When the script runs, you'll have to enter your password and be an administrator If the end user isn't an administrator, but you need to do something that required root access, you can use su someAdminName , which will perform the command as someAdminName you'll need his password. Cullub Cullub 8 8 silver badges 16 16 bronze badges.

Is there a way to make a command file not to log out? I want to have a command file which opens the terminal with predefined path variable. A script is just a series of commands, so you could put it into a bash script. However, if you are getting diagnostic info, for example, you can have a script that does!

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You need a Python interpreter to execute Python code

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