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How to download Smart Notebook 11 with licence key

My theory is that new teachers have all come into a bit of money recently and been bowled over in the Apple store Thank you, greatly appreciated. Downloading it now.

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I have just requested it but wanted to send a proper request, too. One of my staff members is looking to wean herself off of Notebook but, with a new mac at hand, I have just found that my old copy is no longer working. Thanks very much! Once you have received the license key:. Save the file to your Desktop or Downloads folder remember which.

What’s New with SMART Notebook 15?

It will take several minutes to save. Follow the instructions:. When asked if you have a license, say Yes. Contact OIT for the license and make sure you tell them you need the older, unlimited license number.

SMART Board software ready for Mac OS X | Macworld

Due to the specialty Lab Software, the Gallery is not mapped the same way in Wenger as it is in other classrooms. To find the Gallery, click on the Gallery Icon, then the little wrench. Users have the ability to annotate over documents, webpages, etc. Also, Users can create the digital whiteboard experience with PowerPoint or Word.

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If you have used Smart Products before on your laptop, the new installation is much more flexible and stable if the old SMART software is uninstalled. Please contact IT if you are unable to uninstall the old software. Make sure that you are connected to the internet. Make sure that the software is downloading at the bottom left area of the screen.

Instructions for Downloading SMART's Drivers and Notebook Software to your PC laptop

Click the box once the file "smartesi Click on Education Software June. Choose the software that you would like to use. Click "Continue". It will assume that you want an upgrade. To deselect the option, you must uninstall the software.

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