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A text could be inserted through the keyboard or manually signed using your fingers. Apart from documents, SignNow can be used for photos, word files, and even emails. The app also manages all your digitally signed documents and photos which can be seen on the home page of the app. Fing is a network scanner that gives you the list of all the devices connected to your network, just like a router, but in a simple and better manner. The app interface is quite simple and pulls out info like device name, MAC address, IP address, and connection history. Be it an intruder or one of your own devices you want to know about, the app will help you identify it.

The app additionally lets you test the internet speed and ping devices that are connected to the same network. Download: Fing — Network Scanner free. You can highlight parts of images, focus on them by using spotlight features and even blur or pixelate texts. The app, of course, offers text highlight and blackout features as well so you can easily choose what info you want to share. You can directly share an annotated and marked file from the app itself. If you see a pop-up that some features you used are paid and cannot be shared, just take a step back and take a screenshot.

Darkroom is your go-to app if you need a quick action photo editing app with professional tools. What made the app land on my list is an intuitive interface, which you can immediately adapt to.

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You can access tools like color and light corrections apart from preset filters and custom frame settings. A one-touch export option right on the edit screen makes it even easier to quickly finish a job in this app. Remote Mouse helps you control your Mac from a distance.

The app on macOS opens with startup and runs in the background. Unfold gives you simple yet elegant templates to create awesome stories for Instagram , WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. You can align and resize the images along with your choice of background and text in various fonts.

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You can also work on multiple story projects at once and save them separately. Fast is a light app designed just for the purpose and it lets you know the currently available speed of your internet connection. Push Ups is an unusual app and its mechanics of operation compelled me to put it on the list.

It obvious that the app helps you keep a count of your push-ups but how it does so is rather interesting. While doing push-ups you need to place your phone right under your face with the app open and aim your nose at the circle on the screen. One stop solution to insert copyright watermarks on your photos. Watermarks X is not a complete photo editing tool but rather a finishing tool.

Move and scale your final image and insert copyright or other watermarks before you export a final version of the photograph. Swiftkey Keyboard is a highly customizable keyboard app with a dozen themes. The app is quite popular amongst Android users as well and is known for its adaptive typing style.

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Once you allow full access to the keyboard it enhances the predictive typing experience. Other features include multi-lingual typing, predictive emoticons, and one hand gesture typing. Download Swiftkey Keyboard free. A simple keyboard app to allow you access to designer fonts. Simply add the app to your keyboards and it will be ready for access with one tap. Since the app integrates with the keyboard settings, it is not restricted by any app. You can use it for all apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

Download Better Fonts free, in-app purchases. Apollo is a power capsule for Reddit lovers who spend hours on the website daily. The app is packed with the most used subreddits available in a searchable format so you can follow your favorite subreddit on the go. You also get all the latest updates and popular posts on the dashboard. Additionally, you can also manage your inbox and other Reddit settings when you log in to the app with your account.

The security authentication and encryption methods for each network are also shown. Here are the latest Insider stories.

1. Disk Utility

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Top 5 utilities that every new Mac user needs

Direct link:. See larger image. Along with this, it also lets you recover storage space in a few clicks. It is an easy-to-use software with clear and smart interface. Along with all other of its functions, Data Rescue can also scan external drives to optimize them. Apart from all its good features, the application sometimes lacks in recovering all data in complete.

OnyX is another free software to analyze and optimize a disk on Mac. The software has basic interface; with which you can figure out the remnant files on your Mac. These are the top 10 best cleaning and optimization apps for Mac. Most of them are free, accurate and easy-to-use apps.

My Favourite Mac Apps & Utilities 2019!

Minal Khatri , Mac software Top Smart Mac Care This is the best Mac cleaning software. Keeps your Mac safe from hidden malware, trojans, adware and spyware. Detects and removes junk files that could be eating up storage on your Mac.

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Scans for sensitive information stored in internet browsers to enhance privacy. Allows users to easily uninstall, suspicious or unnecessary apps on your Mac. Scan and delete duplicate copies of files to recover chunks of storage on Mac. Error message received on mac "your startup disk is almost full" here are quick tips to solve start disk is Is this page helpful? Yes No.

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