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So, if you want to add any fonts to the app, you can simply copy them to this folder, too. When you add your system fonts, as the app suggests at the first startup, they will be also simply copied into that folder, so when you install new fonts manually, they will not be displayed in FontBase. To enable this feature, you need to use the Watched folders setting.

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After you have added some fonts, you already can search for fonts, explore the specimen page, organize your fonts into collections, apply different styles, and much more. When you need to use some fonts in other apps, you simply need to enable them, by clicking on the grey circle near a font's name.

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When the circle becomes green, the font is ready to use in any of your apps. All the fonts are added to FontBase in an inactive state. To activate a font, you need to click on the circle at the left side of the font's name. Most of the apps Photoshop, Sketch and other should recognize the activation immediately and display the newly activated fonts in the font list right after the activation. If your app for some reason does not display the activated font immediately, try relaunching it. All the fonts activated in FontBase are active while FontBase is open. When you close the app, all the fonts are deactivated: this way you can easily deactivate all the fonts you have used during your work.

Step One: Download a Font Installer App

When you launch FontBase the next time, all the fonts, that were active before you closed the app, will be re-activated again and you can start using them. To create a collection, you need to click the New collection field, below the collections list, type a name, and press Enter. A new empty collection will be added and displayed immediately, ordered alphabetically.

To add fonts to a collection, select some fonts on the right font preview panel, and start dragging them.

The collections, where any fonts can be added, will be highlighted with green color. Position your mouse over a collection, and stop dragging, when you are ready to add the fonts: they will be added to the collection under your mouse immediately after you drop them. To remove fonts from a collection, select some fonts, when inside a collection, and start dragging them.

A panel with a trash can icon will appear on the right side of the font preview panel. I am not sure that this community post is how to get answers, but since I no longer have the University IT to ask, I am at a loss.

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Thank you for being so helpful and nice with your response! For better or worse, you would have this problem with any non-Microsoft program in which you wanted to access the Calibri font; it isn't only a symptom of Adobe products. Under the circumstances, the only legal method of having access to this font is to license it and install it on your system. You don't need to pay someone to install a font. Simply use the FontBook utility to install the font.

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I downloaded a pdf document in Mac and it has lines and dots, and the adobe acrobat reader says "calibri-bold is not available or created so some fonts will be missing in the document". So, I open the document with preview, it had all the fonts available included callibri-bold ones, I fill two blanks using textboxes in the preview version and close the document, then I open it again in adobe; to my surprise the callibri-bold words that were not available previously were present in the adobe version of the document; I deleted the textbooks and filled the document in adobe version.

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