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Though these theme packs are risk free and much easier to install and uninstall than earlier versions, before you proceed to install, I strongly recommend to created a system restore point on your Windows so that your can come back to previous state if something bad happens. As I said earlier, Transformations pack will modify some system files. Over the years, the developers of Transformation Packs has made it easier to install their themes.

And today, their installer packs handles everything that need to be installed, patched and configured. So the theme will instantly be ready after install. The only hassle is you might need to restart your PC. Double click on the installer to run installation. The first thing you should see is Yosemite Transformation Pack installer window. The settings and options here may vary depending on your version of Windows. Close all running programs before proceeding.

Best Apple Mac OS Theme For Windows PC/Laptop (XP/7/Vista/8/8.1/10)

Hit Install to start the installation. As soon as you hit the installation button, it will start to install showing you a progress window like following:.

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After the installation has finished, restart the PC when it asks. As soon as the computer starts properly, you should discover the new OS X Yosemite style look and feel on your Windows. Most notably, you will see the new Mac OS Dock at the bottom of your desktop. Actually removing this theme is as easy as uninstalling any Windows application.

Mac OS X Theme - Download

Do restart when it asks. On next restart, you should be able to go back to your original Windows interface. At the time of writing this post, the latest version was Transformations Pack 3. They may bring more updates with fixes and features later.

macOS Transformation Pack 5.0

Macxrus Featured By Owner Dec 25, Nice update on this. Thanx for sharing. Just using it. Love it - Please tell me where you are getting the Mac Icons for drives, etc?? This is what i was waiting for. Very beautiful all the time like Mac, but no money buy. It exceedingly expensive thanks.

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Hi, Beautiful theme What is the latest version And what is the difference between them??? Love it.

Nice looking. Prev Next. More from AdminAdmin. View Gallery. Desktop Styling by CuteAndy. Mac skins by lewamora4ok. And when you did first t he download of objectdock will it be still on the screen? Pleas answer my question! Not Sure About This. I downloaded this and mcaffe did a right-click scan on it and it said it was fine, so i started to install it and i got a trojan which Mcaffee removed but I think the trojan came from the download.

Pros: i didn't find out. I like this this is very fabulous, i like it too much, Thanks for developer who developed this awesome mac theme for window s. I will never uninstall this. Yasir Zia Email: yasirzia live. Do you recommend it? Dreaming of an ad-free web?