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More people should know about this gem. Craft Recordings comps have become one of the yearly highlights of RSD for the musically curious see also: Jazz Dispensary. With access to a major back catalog, the label is able to mine where other labels can't. This year, they've hit up the Concord vaults for 13 psych re-discoveries.

For collectors with The Sickness, was without a doubt the year of Japanese vinyl. The novelty record serves different purpose in your collection.

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Shit that reminds you of your childhood or just makes you smile. People who don't have a novelty section in their collection are generally mean. Multiplication Rock is one of the ultimate novelty records. The defining De La sample source would there have been a Daisy age without it?

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Mastered from OG tapes too! Their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 7" features music from a tour cassette that eventually was featured in the Turtles In Time arcade machine. Topping it off, the record includes 2 iron-on patches. Have a kid that is obsessed with "Baby Shark? Crab scratch it and they might poop their pants. South Park records are some of the most collectible novelty records.

True fact, they put out 2 Kanye diss singles.

The MILLION DOLLAR McDonald’s Record

Devo are often seen as whip-smart one-hit wonders, but the recent reissues of Hardcore Devo Vol. This is the first vinyl boxset collecting their first six albums. The complete album has not been issued since a single pressing in Sweden in , with current pricing more in line with fine watches than glucose fish. This is absolutely your safest choice from their catalog, an album of gentle acoustic ballads designed to baffle a legion of proto-Trolls? Features 4 other viral hits. Vitamin String Quartet is a RSD mainstay, showcasing their eclectic tastes with recent releases paying tributes to everyone from Kanye to Studio Ghibli.

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The mic looks like a little hole in your case. This will make the input level indicator go crazy.

Note that the blue Input Level bar is at maximum. Finally, select Line In as the device for sound input. Close the System Preferences. Your Mac is now ready to listen to your record player! Audacity is available at Sourceforge.

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Go ahead and download it. We'll use this to compress our songs into the highly compatible MP3 format. Once you've clicked the appropriate "Download" hyperlinks, you should have an Audacity folder somewhere on your hard disk. If you're using Safari, the easiest way to find it is to click to the magnifying glass in your download window. Audacity and LAME should be in the same place. That is, unless you like having programs all over the place.

With the record player connected to your Mac, launch Audacity. Let's configure Audacity's preferences. From the Audacity menu, select Preferences. Make sure that your line-in is the recording source by selecting Built-In Input from the Device menu. Select the File Formats tab. Preparation and the Recording Process To get a quality recording, you'll need to prevent clipping the sound waves. Note that the peaks of the waves are flattened abruptly, or "clipped. Play a recording or radio station through your receiver or tape deck.

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We wouldn't recommend using a vinyl record for this, since it will require resetting the needle. With the source playing, switch over to Audacity and click the record button.

The record button looks like a standard record button on a VCR or tape deck. Blue lines will show up in two rectangles. The rectangles are called the tracks - you'll have left and right audio for a stereo signal. The lines represent the loudness of the source. You want a nice clean wave with the highest highs and lowest lows near, but not outside, the track.

If you're getting some clipping, adjust the volume on the source. On the opposite side of the spectrum, you could have a very small wave that will make a very quiet digital sound file. With no audio signal being transmitted to your Mac, hit the record button in Audacity to create a lead-in. As quickly as you wish and can, start playing your record.

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Sit back and let the record play through. When the first side ends, click Stop in Audacity. Now for a little insurance. One of them learned it in an elementary school class. Since Scotty was a minor, his mother, Charlene Price, collected the winnings. She flew on a plane for the first time to Chicago and appeared in a commercial to further promote the campaign. And when she returned to Galax, Price married the love of her life, used her money to buy the store she had been working in , and renamed it The Price Is Right.

She staffed it with her family members and set up a credit system for locals in need. Some say family members stole money from her. She sold the annuity to get a larger lump sum up-front in lieu of regular payments. Her marriage fell apart, and one day, she awoke to find a boyfriend had cleaned out both of her bank accounts and left town, never to return. When I visited him in Galax last August, Scotty was between jobs, and doing some occasional tree-trimming work when he could get it. Tammy, who had once gone on vacations with her mother to exotic locales, had recently witnessed a stabbing death at the motel.

On my Lost Notes episode, we discovered that when we finally find a turntable to play this most rare of records, it turned out to be nothing but a flimsy old piece of plastic.