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This genre of Buddhist music can be very advantageous to people who have troubling doing this. What makes the site Red Karaoke so awesome is that it contains instrumental MP3s to thousands of Chinese songs. Why is this so great for you?

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Well, a huge part of learning how to speak Mandarin Chinese successfully is actually learning how to pronounce the words correctly while constantly increasing your vocabulary at the same time. Singing the words out loud is truly an efficient way to learn because the mind is very receptive to music.

Plus songs often use repetition, which helps the words stick with you even more. One of the most efficient and fun ways to learn song lyrics before you try your hand at karaoke is with FluentU. FluentU is a language immersion platform where you learn Chinese through entertaining real-world videos like music videos!

Ever wanted to listen to high-quality Chinese music on a trustworthy site? You can watch live musical performances by rookies and famous singers alike in HD through their partner site, Fanxing.

The 3 Best Music Recognition Apps to Find Songs by Their Tune

While this site may not be the most exciting visually, there are many advantages to using Ihonhon, or at least keeping the home page bookmarked. For one, the site is very easy to navigate. Among the various sites featured on this list, 5ND is one of the most popular. Not only are all of the songs available for download copyrighted, but the downloading process is quick and painless.

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Once you click on a song that interests you, the song will play, but then there is another button that allows you to just download it to your computer or other media device. Pretty simple, right?

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This site is known for being a top Chinese music search engine for many people. On its main page alone, there will be a huge list of trending songs all with several different links to allow users to download in formats like MP3, WMA and more. Now this site is all about music! Shazam runs in the background and does the heavy lifting while you focus on other tasks.

Shazam may be a standalone app, but it can be connected to a number of other applications to make your music listening and discovery experience even better. Sign into your Shazam account to keep track of all your saved songs and even link it to Apple Music or Spotify. This way, the songs you Shazam are ready to be queued up with just a click when you want to hear them.

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Browse with Brave. Learn more. Mac Multimedia Shazam Identify songs and artists playing in the background Shazam is a free application for desktop and laptop computers that allows you to identify songs playing in the background. View full description. Softonic review Shazam is a free application for desktop and laptop computers that allows you to identify songs playing in the background.

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