Deleted documents folder on mac

If your Mac starts to run out of local storage, macOS will delete files from local storage based on the oldest files with the least use, ensuring that a copy exists in iCloud Drive.

However, the transition between using this bottomless folders option and disabling it remains confusing to users years later. I wrote about some of the drawbacks in early Never fear. They remain in place, but in iCloud Drive.

3 Ways to Automatically Delete Downloads on Mac

The folder did not reappear. After a few seconds iCloud refreshed and the Documents folder was deleted from my iOS device as well! This works, and will also work if you use delete immediately in case you don't want to empty trash, also easier than racing to beat the iCloud Drive restore of Desktop and Documents.

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  2. What happens to your files if you turn off iCloud Drive on macOS?!
  3. How to Recover Lost/Missing/Disappeared Documents Folder on macOS Mojave??
  4. Empty the Trash.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I tried the following with no success: Delete the folders from the affected macOS account; Delete the folders from another macOS account connected to the same iCloud account I never enabled the option on this account ; Turn off the MacBook and delete the folders from Files on iOS; Delete the folders from icloud.

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The Documents Folder Disappeared from Finder Sidebar on Mac?

I then followed the same steps to delete the empty Documents folder. Tracking down all your add-ons can be a hassle. Try disabling it first and see if your apps and your system work as expected. You can always remove that add-on later.

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Normally, archives and images are files you keep for a reason. However, if you think you might have accumulated some useless. To safely and easily remove all your old unused disk images, CleanMyMac X has a dedicated tool within the System Junk module. Now you get a detailed overview of some ultra-specific categories of files that are normally invisible to you.

Check if the file has really been deleted

Old Updates are past versions of update packages that you already got installed. Do you often use use graphic editors like Photoshop or Sketch? In CleanMyMac X you can delete these intermediate revisions. And, handy enough, the program keeps just the original file and its final revision on the drive.

Check the Trash Can

They could include files like Windows Boot Camp partitions or virtual machine hard drives. What is not okay is valuable storage space being wasted. Download CleanMyMac and follow the steps in this guide to clean gigabytes off Other storage on your Mac.

Your lighter and faster Mac will love you for it. How To.

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