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Stupid Doo Doo Dump. I smell fire. Who got that fire? Al Capone. I need fire, who got fire? Real pimp.

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Yo nigga. Roll something up. Go herd. Hit the block in the chev I got thump in the trunk. Kind of annoyed they always trying to take a boy back to prison. They hate to see a playa, employ yourself. They hate to see a playa, enjoy yourself. Every tape I make baby learns the words. Young Mac Dre, got to give to get.

Hate a reasy who give easy like she look at some zags. Need it very smelly, fitin to go chunk for the telli. Tone Capone got the bong in this bomb weed song. Cheech and Chong on a spree. Them bitches belligerent actor, see the chiropractor. But I crack yeah neck, back to the scene. In my everyday smoking out ritual, regular ooh thing.

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  • "Mac Dre - Back n Da Hood"-- THE FIRST SONG EVER RECORDED FROM JAIL!!!!!(1992).

Walking down the street with a gangsta limp and demon jeans. Me and some squalls, and smile bling, bling. I just want to lean. Then jump in block park homie for the block smok-ie. Smoking the ounce of that bomb bay every day. We can old school with a zag, blow bags in the dilly? Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Strictly Business Records, Thizz. What's Really Going On? Back n da Hood Young Black Brotha Asked what has kept her strong in the past year, Salvatto sounds resigned. After Dre's death, she says, "I was so hurt that I couldn't deal with it and I didn't want to deal with it, and I was very, very sensitive. It was really hard. So I focused on work to get through.

Mac Dre - It Don't Stop

But it didn't take the pain away. There are a lot of parents whose children have died, and their murders or deaths are unsolved," she says, knowing that she's not alone.

At least I got to bring Andre home and bury him, and I know where he is now, and I know where to go visit him. I just don't think that person will ever be at peace. It's been over a year and Mac Dre's impact is still felt, his death still mourned.

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His lessons of taking pride in your own self-confidence and living happily by your own rules still resonate from the ghettos to the suburbs. Meanwhile, there are hundreds of hopeful rappers from every city in the Bay Area aspiring for a piece of the pie that Mac Dre virtually wrote the recipe for. But Mac Dre's career is a sealed legacy. It is his and his alone. It's like the girl in the alley says, you just don't touch Mac Dre. But Where Do I Start? Listen for Dre's before-its-time "izza" wordplay and Khayree's inimitable electro-funk production--it still doesn't sound dated.

Naturally, the sound quality is terrible, but the title track's honest depiction of cell life--plus the fact that you'll play it repeatedly for friends--makes this one worth it. The songs, however, soon straightened them out. Filled with messages of self-determination and personal freedom, this is perhaps Dre's most direct statement of purpose, from "The Mac Named Dre" to "Boss Tycoon" and "Thizzelle Dance. Great footage includes the Sebastopol Community Center, an insane motorcyclist and the "Poppin' the P's" freestyle, which all bear repeated viewings.

When is Treal TV 2 coming out, you ask? Cross your fingers for mid Open' Dre's tennis-themed collaborative release with Mac Mall and the final project he would complete. Sometimes prone to falling out with each other, here Dre and Mall sound in perfect camaraderie, and heavyweight E makes an appearance on the album's old-school closer, "Dredio," rounding out a great Vallejo triumvirate for one last jam. Mar 28, 1, 2 0 I think it was on the old thizz forums hella long ago. May 24, 6, 8 0 31 www. Sep 27, 32, 11, Nov 26, 31 0 Aug 14, 3, 4 0. Jan 23, 19 0 Apr 29, 7, 63 Jan 18, 21, 6, metro's jurisdiction siccness.

JaPeThEoNe said:. Jul 13, 2, 83 Good read I never met the man but I still feel sad when I read shit like this and know he'll never make new music again. May 3, 2 0. Nov 20, 1, Stimey Sicc OG Oct 23, Feb 9, 1 0 Oct 8, 1 0 Wow that's really interesting. Apr 13, 3, 14 0 27 www.

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