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Got an Apple, Mac or iOS tech question? We have the answer. The Dock has been a super-convenient staple of OS X for years now, and this time we have a question from a reader who wants to know how to assign the dock to multiple monitors at once. That exact feat isn't possible, but there's an important trick you should know that's every bit as good.

How to Move the Dock to a Another Monitor in OS X El Capitan

I've just started using multiple monitors with my Mac. But my question is, how do I get the Dock on each of the three screens, or is that impossible? OS X Yosemite introduced a lot of great multi-monitor features, including the ability for the menu bar the bar at the top of the screen in OS X to appear on all of your connected displays.

Unfortunately, you can still only get the Dock on a single display at any given time, but with OS X Yosemite and OS X El Capitan, you can easily show the Dock on any screen regardless of the default display designation. So Mac brings the dock there! When cursor is blocked at bottom, moving the pointer further down brings the dock on that monitor.

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It's just a normal mouse move. Happens with me all the time. Update : I just noticed that on the trackpad, it's not just a quick swipe. You have to swipe-down and hold on the track pad. It does nothing when you lift your finger quickly like a normal swipe gesture.

I also found this ' feature ' annoying as you expect the Dock to be on one screen then you accidentally move the mouse to the bottom of the second screen and the Dock moves across. The easiest way to get it back is to move the mouse to the bottom of the screen you want the dock on. Sometimes you have to move it up then back down to get it to move. At work I have my external monitor on a stand that sits behind my MacBook and arrange the screens so that the external monitor is just higher than my Macbook Screen then in the settings move the screen layout so they sit on top of each other.

In this layout only one screen has a bottom as the external monitor is an extension to the Macbook Screen, thus stopping the Dock from moving. This layout also saves on desk space if you have a narrow desk.

Overcome the OS X Dock getting stuck on a second monitor | MacIssues

At home I use a monitor side by side but set the dock to auto hide, then when I need to get to the Dock I just scroll down to the bottom of whatever screen my mouse is on to get the Dock. Because the Dock is always hidden and comes on when I want it I don't seem to find it annoying like I do when it is fixed at the bottom of one screen. Apple has removed this position-immutable key from the defaults configuration because it was producing high call-volumes at IT helpdesk.

Users would disable themselves by locking their Dock onto a phantom unreachable monitor. So now this command has no effect. You can verify this with command: defaults read grep "Dock" which will report no such such key.

How to customize the Dock position in OS X

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Mac How to Have a dock and Menu Bar on External Display

I'm using Mavericks, This is a glitch in MacOS that has existed for quite a while. I would contact Apple and see if they can add a "lock dock" command in the Dock Preferences. You are accidentally moving the dock to the other desktop because one monitor turns on or off before the other, and so the dock transports itself to the only remaining screen. Put focus on desktop. Find the overhang area from one monitor to the other. Place your cursor on that overhang and scroll down, the cursor should remain in place as you move.

The dock will occasionally transport to that monitor. Mr Rabbit Mr Rabbit WOW I am so glad I finally found this lol.

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I could never figure out the trick. Any way to disable this option? I'm using two external monitor plus the laptop one. The arrangement is the two external side-by-side and the corners where they touch is arranged at the center-top of the laptop screen. Because of this there is a no-transition half-bottom edge on each of the external screens that I eventually bump into when moving the mouse down to the laptop screen.

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Really annoying. Working on Mojave. Holanda Jun 24 at Nimesh Neema Gary Gary 3 3 silver badges 2 2 bronze badges.

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I wanted to add this comment to Mr Rabbit's answer, but I can't as I don't have the requisite 50 points, so adding it here: The action that summons the dock to the opposite monitor is not very intuitive for me. I want to mention, that if you have vertical alignment where active monitor is above secondary the case than you have to move dock to left or right side to make it appear on primary monitor, otherwise it will always appear on bottom monitor. However, if your primary display is located below secondary dock appears at bottom automatically.

Looks like misfeature, or requires additional tweaks.