Mac os 8.6 system requirements

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Users should assume that more recent versions of Windows OS are compatible. With Mac, there is unlikely to be further development of the 'classic' environment. Due to issues with the still emergent OS-X, the v6. The OS-X native Server requirements are less clear but are best assumed as the same as for the client. Notes: 1.

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If your Portfolio Network clients are on Mac and PC sections of a mixed network you will need to ensure the necessary translation protocols are in place. QuickTime is needed for extraction of information, especially thumbnails, from some of the supported file formats. In order to view Photoshop file layer use the 'recommended' install instead of the 'basic' one.

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Technical Requirements for running elements of Portfolio v5 are shown below. Back to Portfolio FAQ index. Differences between v6. To accomplish this, they removed some specific parts of the operating system software that enabled operation on the Power Macintosh family and earlier machines; beige Power Macintosh G3 models are the oldest systems still supported under Mac OS 9. It turns out that it is possible to add these sections of system software back in, and create a hybrid Mac OS 9.

There is a web site, www. Sonnet recommends that you keep the original processor card even after installing our upgrade cards in case you ever need them. The speed indicated on the G3 or G4 chip on my Sonnet processor upgrade doesn't seem to match the speed of the upgrade I purchased. What's the story?

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The computer's standard startup process takes noticeably longer after upgrading to any Mac OS 9. System will not finish start-up process. Hang or crash occurs before desktop appears. To fix this issue, remove the computer's L2 cache card. There is no loss of performance or any other benefits when the original L2 cache card is removed.

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  6. Important Note: Be sure to take all precautions against static discharge during this process, or you may inflict permanent damage to part, or all of your computer. In most cases, it is clearly identified by markings on the motherboard, and its socket is offset from the others.

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    In these configurations, there are no clips holding the card in place, so it should lift straight up and out of the machine. If the card has been in place for years, it may be difficult to extract, and care should be used to gently work the card out. There are some models where the L2 cache card is inconveniently located, and in some cases, it is soldered to the motherboard and cannot be removed. Consult your computer's documentation for the location of the L2 cache.

    If it is soldered on, contact Sonnet's customer service at for further instructions. The ASP calculates the MHz speed using multipliers and the logic board bus speeds known at the time it was created. The chips on these upgrades have a maximum multiplier of 16x. But, Apple System Profiler does not recognize this advancement. This utility can be found under the Apple menu after installation.