Mac os monitor memory usage

I don't see the process in Activity Monitor so how I can tell how much memory it is using?

iStat Menus 5 Review: How to monitor your Mac's CPU, Memory, SSD, Sensors, and Battery Usage

Look for phantomjs or slimerjs. He doesn't seem to know the process name. Otherwise it'd show up in Activity Monitor.

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You can use ps for that, for example: ps x -o rss,vsz,command grep FooProcess then sort by the real memory resident set size of the process using sort -nr. You can run the same program, but forwarding x This means you'll get the physical window open up on your desktop from which you're SSHing in from - It's much nicer in terms of visualisation Here's a tutorial on how to set up x Jay Jay 3 3 silver badges 9 9 bronze badges.

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How to reduce memory usage on your Mac

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Track and Understand Memory Usage and If More RAM Is Needed

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Ways to reduce memory usage on Mac (and free up your RAM)

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In the Memory tab, click the Memory column. You can also use Process Name to find it alphabetically.

Select the process and click the X button in the upper left. When the confirmation dialog appears, click Force Quit.