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Ports used by Apple products This is a quick-reference guide showing common examples, not a comprehensive list of ports. In the example above, since I use the If all goes well the server should start. For now my status check routine if really dumb and does not actually check if the server is running so don't rely too much on it yet.

Once the server is started the configuration fields go inactive until the server is stopped and changes can be made. If this is the usual setup, the dig -x w. Jun 27, PM. Mail hosting and VPN work fine behind the router. Of course, I can't actually use the mail host for anything useful.

I can't find anything on Verizon's site that says that they block any ports. In fact, I read the agreement, and they said that they allow any legal traffic. I'm going to ask the customer support. Jul 3, AM. If you are using an apple airport router you may need to downgrade the firmware to get L2TP to work.

Ports used by Apple products

Jul 4, AM. Jul 4, PM in response to jeffmr In response to jeffmr. Jul 4, PM.

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It lets me use pretty advanced settings, but the interface is annoying. Jul 5, AM. For me under the 7. Watching the port activity on the sever internal using 'sudo tcpdump -i en0 port or port or port ' showed that no packets were making it to the internal machine.

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The Log of iVPN was also silent during this failure. Although I told airport to send level 5 syslogs to the internal machine,.. Dec 15, AM. Dec 15, PM.

Replace the VPN Server from macOS Server

Dec 20, PM. I'm stuck with a failing Actiontec router that I can't replace at the moment due to I already did the TCP forwarding. Dec 21, AM. I took my sever off the internet directly, and put it behind the router formerly it WAS the router, too.

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Here's the funny thing: I set up something very similar for a client, and they can connect no problem. That is, I can connect, right now, no problem.

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They are on an older AEBS, but it's also running 7. Neither server has it's firewall turned on. The result: I can connect to my customer's VPN easily, without any problems.