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They then continue the boot from the DVD drive.

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This CPU setting is only in effect until the Mac reboots. This article was written by Dylan McDermond and first published on It was updated UPDATE: The folks at iCode have taken the information from this article and used it to create LeopardAssist , a free program that automates this process and eliminates the need to fiddle with OpenFirware on your own.

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How to Create a Mac OS X USB Boot Drive in Recovery Mode

Various function keys perform emergency functions such as resetting the NVRAM to its default values and interrupting the early startup sequence. The specific assignments vary from implementation to implementation. Load a Forth file over a serial line with TIP and interpret. Begin executing a previously-loaded binary program, or resume executing an interrupted program. Called automatically by boot.

New World ROM

Prepare a loaded program for execution. Called automatically by load and boot. Address where load first places the data it reads from a device. The program image may be moved elsewhere as init-program prepares it for execution. Change the saved value of a register. Use in the form: value to regname. Continue from a breakpoint. Restrict debugger to the part of the definition after and including the word to be executed next. This is useful for debugging words with loops in then.

Fetch the byte at adr. Return the data and true if the access was successful. Return false if a read access error occurred. Also lpeek, wpeek. Store the byte to adr. Return true if the access was successful. Return false if a write access error occurred. Also lpoke, wpoke. Allocate and map size bytes of available memory; return the virtual address.

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Unmap with free-mem. Find the named word in the dictionary. Returns the execution token. Use outside definitions. The space after ' is mandatory. Replace the first occurrence of old with new in the word name. New and old can be either word names or numbers.

How to Enter BIOS Command on a MacBook |

Collect an input stream string, either interpreted or compiled. Within the string, use " 00,ff The space after " is mandatory. Select device com1, com2, screen, or device-specifier for subsequent output. End a do Index goes from start to end-1 inclusive. Begin a do