Receiving email on iphone but not mac

Your message will reach them faster and bypass the whole issue of attachment size restrictions.

Troubleshooting Yahoo Mail Not Downloading to Apple Mail Problem

In macOS, some graphics files have an invisible component called a resource fork. This stores file information like type, icon, metadata, image thumbnails, and more. Thus, they appear as extra unreadable files.

This option also appears as a checkbox at the bottom of the file selection dialog when you click the Attach button on the toolbar. If you frequently send files to people using Outlook Mail in Windows, ensure that you select this option to strip the resource fork from all outgoing graphics. If you have an image file without a file extension, you can double-click it to open in Preview.

Other types of files open in their default apps too.

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It relies only on file extensions. Adding the right extension could make those files readable again.

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We'll show you how to mass edit file extensions. For this reason, before you drag a file into a message, ensure that the file has an extension. When you select this option, Finder will always display filename extensions on the desktop, in folders, and elsewhere. You can then double-check that all attachments have an extension to make life easier for Windows users. When you drag and drop a file into an outgoing message, Mail places the icon or a full-size image at the spot where you dropped it.

Their email app may not support inline graphics, or the user might have turned off inline display. But this does not affect whether an attachment appears as an icon or a thumbnail. If you right-click on an attachment and choose View as Icon , you can make the full-size image show as an icon instead. But this does not affect how Mail sends the message—just how it displays to you. This will turn off inline images entirely, including images you might have in your email signature.

To turn on inline images again, enter:. Alternatively, you can zip files before attaching them. Solving the attachment issue is tricky.

My iPhone Is Verified, but Cannot Connect to the Server : Tech Yeah!

While every email app tries to ensure the best compatibility, you can never be sure what will happen when attachment goes from sender to a recipient. We have you covered with methods for blocking email in Gmail, Outlook, and more. Read More to prevent annoying messages. Your email address will not be published.

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Rahul, thank you for this article. I have seen the terminal command floating around the internet for years and have tried to use it. These previous attempts were unsuccessful. When I saw your terminal command suggestion, I hoped that either the code had changed or the Apple OS updates might allow it to work. Unfortunately, putting the command line into the terminal, exiting the terminal, quiting the terminal, and then restarting the Mail application made no difference when the email arrived at the recepients email.

Can you suggest something that I might be doing wrong? It seems quite odd to me that the trouble you're having seems to be with receiving which is odd as it's normally the sending that gets shutdown. Unless of course they never did actually get sent, and so never to be received either, but you should have got some notification. If you will expand your inbox to show each account separately, you should see a little exclamation mark to indicate that there is a problem collecting mail from the two accounts you are having issues with. Pressing on that exclamation mark will sometimes provide a clear explanation of what's going on.

In the meantime, if you've recently upgraded to Yosemite, try this: In Mail's preferences, in the settings for the two "problem" accounts, UNCHECK the box that says "automatically detect and maintain account settings" under "Advanced. Originally Posted by pm-r. And I guess you've gone through Apple's kb article? If all OK reboot normally and try your Mail again. I think you said you tried rebuilding your mailboxes already, but maybe try again. Or maybe your ISP can help with a proper suggestion. And is this a problem with a gmail account many Yosemite users have been experiencing?

Starting up in safe mode and using Disk utility did the trick. I've now received all the missing emails. Thanks very much for your help, it is greatly appreciated. Kind regards, Helen. Originally Posted by HelenC.

Emails coming through on iPhone but not macbook and previously not having any problems

I'd have to disagree with running permission repair as a matter of routine monthly maintenance. Macworld once referred to this as one of its top 5 maintenance myths. The author's position essentially seems to be that permission repair is only useful if the problem resides in the permissions for the subset of system files that permission repairs affect. It's certainly worth thinking about when someone is experiencing problems but even then it's pretty far down my list of troubleshooting things to do. In addition to what Slydude stated I agree with him , the repair permissions routine does not repair permissions on files such as locked system files.

Those are the ones that usually cause trouble and generally require a reinstallation of OS X to fix.

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The pros and cons of whether to use DU regularly I'll have to leave to you techies to debate as I'm a mac user not a mac techie. Thanks you you all for your help, Helen. I'm not going to get into a debate on DU and permissions either, but I will admit that my suggestion of monthly is probably too excessive, depending on how one uses their Mac and the OS X version, but at least we know it can still fix things as you discovered, as can just a Safe Boot and normal restart at times occasionally.

They seem to work.

Gmail login failed on Mac mail - Gmail Help

I'm going to bet a cup of Starbucks that it was the reboot to Safe Mode and back to normal mode that cured Helen's problem. Anyway, if you win the bet you'll have to come to Fort Worth to collect. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:.