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The printer I'm using is a Canon S for which linux does not have a very good driver.

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So i set up a raw queue on my linux box and i can see it on my iBook. I have the canon drivers installed on the ibook and it will detect and properly use them when i try to access the printer via usb. Unforunately they do not show up in the list of available printer types under Print Centre when trying to configure the raw linux printer. If i select other, it wants me to choose some file, does anyone know what this file is suppose to be? Lost your password? Powered by the Parse. I was looking at some of the previous hints and did not find anything useful as far as printing to a shared printer CUPS in Linux.

Currently, Windows can print to it fine via Samba check the docs - with newer Samba versions, it requires adding two lines to the smb. As far as adding the printer to your Mac OS X Go to the Administration section and click on Add Printer.

On the first screen with Name, Location, and Description, most of this is irrelevant. Pick a name, enter some descriptive info, and click Continue. On the next screen, click the Device pop-up menu and select "Internet printing protocol http " and click continue. Of course, you'll need to change the IP and name of the printer mine is deskjet to match your setup. Then, make sure you select a driver that matches up with your printer, so you can change some of the printing options. I'm using a DeskJet Really inexpensive and works great.

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Search Advanced. From our Sponsor Latest Mountain Lion Hints Click here for complete coverage of Lion on Macworld. User Functions Username: Password:. I personally prefer keep the default port and do use a robust firewall. If you want to change it modify config to something like:.

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If you like to filter access to CUPs daemon to receive Printing requests to be originating only from the local network place in smb. This will listen on port from any network. You may use some other port number besides Also, this will only allow computers from the local network to print to the CUPS printers.

Next you need to restart the CUPS daemon once again as it will be used for samba printing. The URL you will use should be smth like:.

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Lastly, select the Brother downloaded from Internet or the one that's available on the Install CD, for any other vendor printer if it is lets say HP Printer or Canon to install use the respective provided driver or as a last resort use the Generic section driver labeled MS Publisher Color Printer. Next restart Samba server to make the new setting take affect:. Starting Samba daemons: nmbd smbd. Complete current smb. This section needs updating as you can setup print server via samba print sharing just by uploading drivers.

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This allows Samba to authenticate against a domain controller for acces to the printer queue. In my case as you can see in below smb.

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Check the ouput for entries of Type " Printer ":. Assuming you have cups to set up the printer on Debian as described above. On the Mac OS X Look first in the " Default " tab. If the automagic printer-sharing has worked, and your Mac is connected to the local network properly, then the Debian-based printer should already be visible in the list. Just select it and use the recommended print driver. If you face problems you can try to play with Gutenprint Printer drivers to make it printing.

If your printer is not visible in the Default tab, then try adding it on the "IP" tab. Pick IPP as the protocol, give the plain IP address of the server in the address box in my case that's Put whatever helps you identify the printer in the Name and Location boxes fields , and choose a printer driver than matches Brother DCPW or with another printer installed whatever you used to set up the printer on Debian. Finally Pray that God help you to make it work and press the Add button.

If you prayed honestly and repenting for your sins perhaps you will have mercy and it will work, of course if not try to research online on how to fix it further by God's grace. Stopping and starting print queues. Acceptance and rejection of jobs sent to a destination:.

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