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Either the total crop, where the white areas surrounding misaligned picture are included, inside cropping with no white areas or manual cropping where you control everything by dragging the red crop handles. The parts which will be cropped away when saving, will be shown dimmed outside the crop rectangle. Let you apply fisheye style distortion to the image.

Use Photomerge Scene Cleaner

Good if the image has straight lines across the seam area close to the edges of the image. You can turn this feature off, with horizontal lines bent or with vertical lines bent. This is only used for the fisheye distortion. The shorter the focal length used when the picture was taken the more distortion. You can adjust the slider and ignore what the camera may have written into the image file when the image was taken.

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Then you can use the manual override, to tell DoubleTake at which focal length the images were taken. The corner handles on the selected image change to show how the image gets changes when you drag the corners. Normally DoubleTake rotates images around their center.

Many times it is simpler to align 2 images to each other if you rotate them around a easy to pick point in the overlap. Bring up the Geometry panel, and double click on the point you wish to rotate around. It gets marked with a red circle. The selected images gets rotated by the sliders. You can move the center to another point by double clicking the next place. A 30 sec video may show this better. When you drop many images into DoubleTake, Zoom to fit will make the overlaps rather small.

If you then zoom in to see each overlap clearly you can jump to the next overlap with the Next and Previous menu and their shortcuts. The lock and unlock function can be used when you have adjusted an overlap, and you don't want to move the images apart by accident. Reset is only if you have adjusted the seam width or dragged the seam away from the center of the overlap. If you have arranged many images, you may save the arrangement and settings as well as saving the completed image.

This is good if you want to make a change later.

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Then you don't have to rearrange all the images again. The format does not save copies of the images, but just their location on your disk. If you move the images, then you should put the DoubleTake file the same place, so it can find them.

Create high quality panoramas

While I don't intend to document the internals of the format XML you are welcome to take a look inside with Text Exit! An other reason to save these files is if DoubleTake gets new features, then it is easy to open old image sets. When you save a merged image as a normal image format, DoubleTake saves the settings in its own folder which you set up in the preferences. You can then go back into this folder later and open the arrangements later, if you have not moved the original images.

I could consider saving as HTML as a new feature, but few these days have web sites, and regular video is Youtube or Vimeo compatible and I feel that is how it is mostly done. For a seamless meld, I wipe out the automatic points select the first in the list at bottom and jam on the "delete" button on the right and start fresh. Find stable points that have a lot of contrast, such as building and window corners, road markings and signs—anything you're reasonably sure didn't move from one frame to the next.

Repeat this process for each set of side-by-side frames. You only need a minimum of two pairs for each photo, but adding a few more ups Hugin's accuracy. Here's how I pinned the Niagara Falls Ontario skyline:. Click the "Optimizer" tab and, unless you want to get tweak-y, hitting the "Optimize now! To see how Hugin did, hit the "Preview Panorama" menubar button, and you'll get a rough look at your creation.

Use Photomerge Group Shot

It won't turn out exactly the same, but basically close. If it looks warped and off-base, you can head back and re-pin or add Control Points, move the crosshairs or use the "Center" and "Straighten" buttons in the preview mode to finesse it. Whenever you make any changes, however, head next to the Optimize tab and re-optimize—you can also change optimization settings to see if that nets any benefits. We're almost there, seriously!

If the preview looks decent, head finally to the "Stitcher" tab.

Stitch Panoramic Images with GIMP 2.10 (Two Methods)

The "Projection" setting is the heart of Hugin, telling the program how to bend and shape the output. For a few overlapping photos, "Equirectangular" usually provides the fullest view and best blend, but "Rectilnear" seems best when photos are tightly lined up.

Download PhotoStitcher - software to stitch photos in a click

Keep the stitching engine on "Nona," and make sure "Image output file" is "TIFF" and that "soft blending" is checked so the Enblend engine can work its stuff. Tell it where to save, and Hugin gets to work. If you're prompted to point to "Enblend," it's located in its own folder right inside Hugin's directory. Hugin will create temporary TIFF files and work your system pretty hard while it runs, which can take anywhere from seconds to a few minutes, depending on your system.

If the resulting image file is discolored in spots, it's likely due to camera settings or stark lighting differences, which, with only a few photos, can be fixed only in post-processing. If you followed the basic steps above, shooting and stitching a wider-angle panorama scene is much the same, with a few exceptions:. After just a little frame-pulling, and having shot with manually-controlled light, I got a panoramic streetscape my third attempt to come out pretty decent click for larger view :.

Once you've got the basics down, Hugin has much, much more for you to explore, including tutorials at the home page that show you how to use the app with scanned documents, to create true degree panoramas, and how to get real geeky with the settings. This is the method that worked most consistently for me with different sets of photos.

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  8. I chose Hugin over previously-posted AutoStitch for its cross-platform nature. But I want to hear how your own tips on how you work Hugin or similar panorama-making apps to make big, breathtaking scenes—with image links, naturally. Share your tips, questions and photo pride in the comments. Kevin Purdy , associate editor at Lifehacker, is going to be even more annoyingly shutter-buggy around his friends now. His weekly feature, Open Sourcery , appears every Friday on Lifehacker.

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