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Some like gmail have settings at the website that can change certain behaviors like how deleted messages are treated. Deleting on one device should delete on all devices.

How to Sync Calendar on iPhone - Mac Basics

If you delete the message and it creates another copy, then something else is going on. Where is the copy created? If it's in the inbox, then it's probably just not syncing and deleting from the server. Question: Q: How to sync mail on all devices.

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More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. Related Article Use Mail on your Mac. User profile for user: teafreestudio teafreestudio. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: 0. Question: Q: Question: Q: How to sync mail on all devices. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. Aug 16, PM in response to teafreestudio In response to teafreestudio teafreestudio wrote: This is a copy of the email I received from my website host: Hello, Yes but pop download the email to you computer and imap leave the mail on the server and if you delete from one device it removes it from it all.

Thank you. View answer in context. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: 1. Aug 17, AM in response to teafreestudio In response to teafreestudio Open up Mail preferences, then Accounts, then select the Mailbox Behaviors tab. Loading page content. User profile for user: tygb tygb. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: Aug 16, AM in response to teafreestudio In response to teafreestudio You have to configure the POP mail account with apple mail application to get it sync.

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See if this helps. However, several months ago, when I changed a port on one of my Mail accounts on the Mac, the port didn't change on the same account being synced to my phone iTunes box was checked. So I'm not sure it works at all. Full featured: At minimum to be able to have the same mailboxes on multiple computers and when they are updated on one computer they are updated on all.

Sorting the same email on the home and work computers is annoying and has been annoying. Gmail, which I also use, is not an option for much of the email. Are you using POP3 or something?

Make sure to allow the sync

I'm using IMAP, and my changes from the iPhone show up almost instantaneously it polls every minute if memory serves. Deletes, items read. I'm basically doing what you're suggesting.

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Yes, IMAP works as desired. But rules and spam filters are NOT updated across devices..

MacMail — How to synchronize the default IMAP folders

I find this tremendously annoying. Because that's not an imap feature but a mail client feature. Each is a different layer of compatibility. Couldn't they sync those rules with whatever they're doing server-side? Why can't I apply any rules at all on the iPad? Something unusual to point out. I made a person a VIP in Mail. It is SO frustrating to delete on my computer and have to do it again on my iPad. Look at the article on this site that talks about gmail settings and OS X and make sure you have it set up right. All the best. Very useful, one can look at month view and see a cursory schedule based on assigned icons for events.

No day view required.

How to Sync Your Mac’s Sent Mail with the Server

Anyone find something like this for iPhone? When I use to have a palm years ago, there was one just as good made by Agendus. I need to un-complicate my mac life!! We use two separate iCloud accounts. Is there a solution for this to work or will I have to install something like Web Calendar onto my web server? Can someone who actually has it working spell out the requirements? The Mini regular desktop machine has Mail set up and cleaned out of unwanted mail.

The MBP is missing some folders and has every email I ever received. I know there are apps to do this but is there a way to do it using only iCloud? Name required. Mail will not be published required.