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Not as good as Teamviewer, but it gets the job done for what I need. I feel I was scammed. I never wanted to go on the cloud and now have a big paper weight deemed useless. There should be no reason for me to be forced to use the cloud. Needless to say, I will never even look to buy a neat scanner again.

I have successfully blacklisted NEAT as a vendor from our county purchasing system and an working with surrounding counties to do the same. The word is spreading. I have been a windows and mac Neat legacy user for many years and fairly pleased until the mac os updates started before sierra. I have 4 Neat ND desktop scanners and 3 Neat mobil scanners. All have been rendered useless for scanning because of Neats cloud policy.

I can still use the windows but it is slow and cumbersome on the virtual windows on my mac. I am looking for a change as I keep all receipts in digital format with Neat. The only receipts I can use the Neat machine for is by importing receipts already in pdf, jpg…. This works fine with receipts I receive electronically. Hard copies have to be digitized and then imported which is time consuming.

I tried the cloud twice. The cloud is very slow, some images do not show up. Some are not even registered on scanning. They charge too much for the service given. They also have my data which I do not care for. So far I have been suggested to use scansnap and their software or Paperless with their suggested scanners.

However Neat is not giving me much choice. I am so disappointed with the new version of Neat Desk. We have been using the old Legacy version for years and now that there are ZERO fixes for that version we had to convert to the new one. So, thanks for nothing and thanks for wasting my time. So reconciling is a pain in the butt.

I am a VERY organized and busy individual. I always used to recommend Neat Desk. I cannot, in good faith, do that anymore. They took a perfectly good product and pooped all over it. That means I can access all my previous years… might be a good alternative for you if you till have the files. I agree. I just purchased the scanner and the legacy software about 2 years ago, and really was impressed with its capabilities.

The move to web based BS subscription has been so disappointing. I watched as he created a new database so he could copy and paste folders with documents from the old to the new — by hand! One by one by one. The process took hours over two days. After completing the migration he synced everything to the cloud which also took a few hours longer. While the tech was excellent and clearly knew what he was doing, the whole process scared the crap out of me! All this just to migrate from desktop Mac 4. You are putting all your eggs in one cyber-basket just begging to be hacked. But after reading all the posts here from this year I am dubious.

Used it for about a year, then my free subscription expired. Neat Receipts became ransomware in my mind at that point. I called to find out what I had to do to just scan local — no-can-do. How is that even remotely a better option? After minutes on the phone, they finally said I could download and install the desktop version since when I bought the setup, the desktop version was still available and supported. Did that. They helped me export from the previous version. Unfortunately my subscription was cut off before all the exports were done — my fault on that one — I thought all were exported.

Imported to desktop version. It was all a royal PITA. Okay, so now fast forward to current day — July My regular workstation may have been compromised. Yeah, been there, done that, no thanks Neat Receipts. Still have to look through all these posts and see what other options might be good. So it may just be that I write my own app this time around to scan and save to pdf, and stuff in a database in a way that links the separate pages together. I follow the posts on this site and understand the pain about which many of you write given the abandonment from the Neat Receipts company for desktop users.

Shame on them! I was able to set up my Neat scanner to communicate with Paperless, at least on a trial. It took a bit of work, but I figured that out. Perhaps Mariner can provide some help for those of us that have challenges with that NR scanner. I believe there has to be a generic scanner driver that is not proprietary. I encourage anyone to at least try Paperless. Best; —Linda lwebb writtenimpressions. I have a Neat scanner in mint condition made obsolete, well, by Neat. How ridiculous does that sound?! A recent Windows update has made it impossible for me to scan to my Windows PC, even after uninstalling and reinstalling legacy software.

It crashes when I try to open the software. Multiple page scanners are not cheap, now mine has become a paper weight overnight. I never used their cloud service or their OCR file reporting. Using their servers is not HIPPA compliant without a business agreement and if they ever did go down that route, it would exponentially more money for such subscribers. I will look into ScanSnap or Brother. At least Brother release firmware updates for their older devices. Not previous legacy users. Cost of living is getting higher with an annual or monthly subscription for every service. That is the price of the scanner.

Can someone please create a hack so legacy owners could still use their scanners and our hard earned money is well utilized. You know, like a scanner. I just installed the latest update for Neat on my desktop. All my information is gone!!!! Do they even care about all the complaints being made? Does anyone line Neat now? If anyone finds another option, please let me know. I scan a lot off documents ; ie, Division orders, transfers etc and was able to customize my categories.

Your Neat data is not gone. If you have the Legacy software, then you can recover a corrupt database. I have done it MANY times. Basically, you have to create a new database in a different location.

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Then, Copy certain beginning files, go to the lost database, delete those files that have no database data, and replace them with the ones from the newly created database. Back everything up before playing. Personally, I think that corrupting our databases and forcing us to switch over has been part of the game plan. Neat should offer a free cloud version for existing users if forcing us to abandon the desktop version. I use neat as a filing cabinet and have my own backup drive and wanted to add Neat to new PC but am now forced to pay for cloud storage that is not always available.

They can claim all the security in the world, but the fact is that their cloud is very opaque and you have no idea who has access to the servers and personal data within the company, nor the auditing they perform on their network security. Luckily I still have it running on my PC, but the document processing is becoming unbearably slow, with the occasional crash.

If anyone has other software suggestions not mentioned previously, please make a mention of them. I have been using the Desktop v 5. My original version was 5. Also, guess what, the Back Up from my version 5. Fortunately, I migrated all my scanned docs into PDF before that computer died but I learned a lesson and will never trust Neat. Neat keeps telling me I have an update available. If I install it the message does not go away. Neat also loses documents I scan. No longer do I see an indication in the tree that a document is processing.

I have to wait until it is done. I have had several documents just disappear that I had to re-scan. If I look at the folder I can tell a document is processing. The categories and accounts fields have many defaults I will never use and that I cannot remove or edit. I want nothing to do with American Express yet I have to look at their sorry name every time I choose a payment method. Just how many mattresses and sheets does someone buy in a year? I tried Paperless but it did not have a decent means of categorizing things. It is designed for general filing and it looks as if it can do that well.

It is not designed for keeping receipts and it does a terrible job of identifying the data on a receipt. Unfortunately, Neat is no longer that good at that, either. I fed two identical statements into it, one for me and one for my wife, as I have done every month. One was identified properly but the other one picked up a name I have never heard of, and that appears no where on the statement. Worse, that name is now probably fixed permanently in my vendor list.

The many things that made Neat great are totally missing. I cannot rely on the old desktop version because Windows could do an unsolicited update and kill the product, leaving me with nothing. I would gladly pay an annual fee to keep the desktop software alive. I do that for several other companies. I resent being forced into a sub-standard system and paying such a high price.

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Paperless looked promising but it was too frustrating to use. Are there other solutions, or should I plan on building my own filing system and scanning to PDFs? How is the software that comes with the Fujitsu scanners? I have just spent over an hour scanning a handful of receipts and two statements. With Neat Desktop this would be a simple task.

Instead, I have been tearing my hair out. I tried to add two new credit cards. I have added them multiple times and one of them keeps going away. For a while it was there but incorrectly but now it is gone. I found a typo in one payment method. With Neat Desktop that could be easily corrected. Not with the cloud version. There is no way to edit anything. I have learned to exit the scan module, otherwise I have to drill down through the tree to tell Neat where to put the documents. I did this a few minutes ago and the documents, any my screen display, shifted to where I had been earlier.

The program also crashed several times. Speaking of which, I went through an update, which took several minutes. After the crash Neat advised that an update was ready and asked if I wanted to install it. They still have not fixed this bug. Neat used to be enjoyable to use.

Now I find myself avoiding it and letting documents pile up. It is not enjoyable, it is not efficient, and it crashes a lot. I would like to be able to export transactions to Quicken but that is not essential. Then there is the problem of pulling out many years of data. Some of it can be trashed but I have a lot of tax records in Neat.

They used to be a progressive company. They have fallen to the notion of simply wanting a Cloud presence over everything else; rendering a feature poor UX User Experience. We recently upgraded and bought a subscription and it has been unbearable; trying to determine a viable exit strategy. Two weeks of pain is enough. Lodging Vs. Meals on a singular Hotel Bill. Use to be able to duplicate the bill and book expenses for Meals on one record and lodging on the other.

My name is Sam and I was recently alerted by a customer that another customer posted about our services and products on this site. We sell Neat Cloud for half the price of neat. We purchased a huge number of pre-paid Business plans for a significant discount through Panasonic that allows us to sell the software so cheap.

Why would people actually believe that we want this. Neat Desk and the scanner were one of the most functional programs I have used. When they went to the WEB I quit. I now have a older MAC that runs the software and I can use the scanner with it. I am happy and I will never transition to WEB based software. It sucks. If you use online banking, pay your credit card online or do a half of dozen other type of online functions then you are exposing yourself to hackers. Neat has the same level of security as a bank so unless you plan on living off the grid you will have fewer and fewer choices in the coming years of what services you can use.

Everything will eventually be cloud based. The benefits greatly outweigh the cons. I was also a big fan of their desktop software but I have transitioned to the cloud product and greatly benefit from the ability to snap receipts with my phone and use Neat Verify for complete automated data entry and I love the email forward…an I still use the desktop software. The problem is not the price. The problem is that Neat, which used to be a wonderful product, is now a piece of junk. It is poorly thought out and poorly executed. As some others have complained, it is also poorly supported. This is not your fault, it is the fault of a company that has not a clue what they have done.

I use Desktop V5. I have enough issues with that since the last update. I have had Neat Desktop since It made my life much simpler and more organized. Bill paying and filing are never fun but with Neat I could get the job done with relatively little pain. It was intuitive, fast, and mostly reliable. I would be happy to have the Neat Desktop software I know and love for an annual fee, with cloud storage as a paid option.

Instead, I am saddled with the Cloud version which has lost much of the simplicity, charm, and reliability that made Neat Desktop such a wonderful tool. The software is unintuitive, many features appear to be missing, and it is buggy. For example:. There is no tutorial, other than a brief overview. There is no menu at the top of the screen. The help button yields a crappy video presentation with no substance. Online help is virtually non-existent. Searches yield useless results.

The software wants to update itself. After I do that it continues to prompt for an update. Documents can no longer be combined and the help screen acknowledges this.

Correcting page size when scanning

Documents scanned with the ND are gray. Neat corrects this but a PDF file stays gray. Dates must be entered with the year. Clicking within a category or vendor field requires deleting what is in there before entering data. It does not appear possible to edit the category list.

A mistake is there forever. Unnecessary defaults, i. The scan screen defaults to the last scanned location, not the folder currently in view. PDF scanning is a crapshoot. The list can go on and on. Neat used to be a pleasure to use and highly recommendable to others. It is now a millstone around my neck that I will not recommend it to anyone.

I am now paying an annual fee for a product that can no longer get the job done. I investigated Paperless and found it feature rich but not friendly as a receipt manager. There are too many steps required to scan a document, document management is not overly intuitive, although it has some power features once you discover them, and there are limited options to the document hierarchy. I would like opinions on the Fujitsu scanners and software. Perhaps my best option is to buy a Fujitsu scanner certified for Neat and then move to their software.

I do not care how my data is stored, be it in a database, as a collection of PDFs with indexing, or some other method. I do require that I can easily access what I need and that I can archive or purge old records easily. The worst part about Neat is that they do not seem to care how they have hurt their user base. When a company has such a loyal following it seems foolish to kick them in the teeth. Crash Plan did the same thing with their excellent backup software. Once they decided to pursue the business market dropped their personal users, who had helped make the product popular in the first place.

The announcement came with almost no warning and a limited time to make other arrangements. Their suggested replacement was Carbonite, which to me seems like replacing an Escalade with a Kia. I have switched to iDrive and while I am happy with the product I really miss some features that Crash Plan included. I have one that is 5 years old and totally dedicated to just Neat Desk and the scanner and I am sooooo happy right now. Apparently Neat wrote sums out of the program. The funny thing is when I use it, it has different glitches, errors, and idiosyncracies than you get. How weird.

Re your 5, I am able to combine receipts. Re your 11, sometimes it will default to the last scanned category, and sometimes it defaults to the inbox, even though I clicked on the category I wanted the scan to go to. I recently bought 2 new laptops one Windows 10 and one Windows 10 Pro and installed my 5. I black out all account numbers for anything going to the Cloud.

I have been using Neatworks for probably 7 or 8 years….. I have never been that happy with it……but my needs are fairly simple and I was used to it. Every year I vowed to quit. Now it seems I have to quit. I just get an error msg. It crashes constantly. Have been using Fujitsu ScanSnap Scanner for years now. The Neat Scanner was useless. Networks is now completely unreliable so I am switching to Quickbooks. Something I should have done years ago.

When they first came out with the ICloud service I tried it and was not happy at all. I refuse to have my banking information in the Cloud. For my information to be stolen or corrupted. No thanks. I am still using NR Desktop for Win [most recent version; ha! Please stay tuned. Linda, I just downloaded the trial of Mariner Paperless today! I am hoping for the best. Already love the Snap Scan iX a whole bunch. I have read the posts of others. I was a Neat Receipts user until they went to the cloud. The reporting I needed was not there.

After the could service did not deliver, I got a refund, and have been trying to use the desktop version which now crashes so is no longer reliable. Should I have to re-create all this stuff due to their crashes? As a solo provider who reviewed this software from CES, what a disappointment as they changed their business model. Neat now stinks in every way including customer service. Has anyone tried File Center?

I knew this day would come and it has finally arrived. Most things are moving to the cloud, like it or not. Check out Adobe, who has been forcing customers away from locally installed software to a cloud based subscription model. The new owners of Intuit Quicken are now doing the same thing with Quicken I prefer to buy software and get really good at using it, maybe update once every 2 or 3 years. The company making the software improves their bottom line. When there are security issues, or broken features and functions, etc.

How many of those people had their receipts and documents backed up to the cloud where they could access them after the home PC was gone? I would venture to guess very, very few. Lastly, I will tell you I bought Neat with a single page scanner in an airport back in or so. I used it to scan everything. I loved the desktop software. I use an open source software called DocFetcher. Combined they work great and that ScanSnap is fast as heck. I tried, really, to use the cloud based software. It was awful. Novel solution right? Adobe is another such company only they are worse. In face I think East Indians now own the company or at least run it.

I am currently trying to contact Fujitsu and see if their software is still available to run on their scanners. Ok so I finally gave it up and just decided to use Quicken. Now all I do is bring up the application and see all my credit cards and bank statements at a glance. Neat use to be a great product, buy the hardware and then you can use the software at no additional cost. Then the executives noticed the valuations of other companies that were offering pay as you go or Software as a service SaaS model. Most of us scan a couple documents a month and just want to have them organized.

Toodles Neat… see ya never again. I was a Neat desktop user since and was last using 5. The windows 10 update started giving me problems so I looked into the cloud which is ok. Called them up to make sure they were real and they helped me migrate my old stuff. Totally legit.

Neat Has Stopped Working - NeatDesk Scanner Crashes

Agree, I bought a very specific scanner that does not work without their software. Now they just pull the plug. There should be consequences for that kind of move. Not satisfying. I think their should be legal consequences as well. I am super angry. I hope someone does open a class action suit. If so please let us know. Mac user searching for a new open source solution. Same boat. I switch over to Quicken. I find it works fine for me for must basic accounting and taking care of personal finances.

I can still use the neat scanner to scan my receipts into file if I want, and then I use those scans to verify transactions in Quicken. Still play with it, but seems to be working well for me. Not as fast and Easy as Neat was… but it works and I can see all my bank balances in the application. I have 2 neat scanners — It is NO longer scanning to my mac at all! I have done all that you mentioned in the last reply. Yes, I have downloaded the software from " Neat scanner drivers for Windows or Mac. Restarted in Safe mode, and tried Image Capture again. Same result, as before.

Oct 7, AM. I have the same problem. I went through the steps with NSDK3 error. I tried the download link and am getting a message that my membership expired. I can't re-download the software? Never heard of that with a scanner before. When it works, it's nice. When it doesn't, you're stuck!!! Dec 20, AM. Communities Contact Support.

Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. Desktops Speciality level out of ten: 0. More Less. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. User profile for user: rkaufmann87 rkaufmann TV Speciality level out of ten: 0. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Oct 5, AM in response to rkaufmann87 In response to rkaufmann87 I assume you mean when I use System preference and open the Neat scanner there. USB, Wi-Fi, etc??? Neat Receipts software and scanner was my favorite tool.

Saved me hours of time. I recommended it to all friends and family. NOW, the software will not even open and let me use it without setting up an online account, paying for updated software, and allowing Neat to 'save' all my data on its allegedly secure servers. I want a refund or fully updated software I can use offline, privately, to scan MY data and MY receipts. We'd be glad to help you out. We see you are using the legacy Neat software and that you originally set up an account about 3 years ago. Please contact us on our new Legacy support line for help getting the software running on your computer.

You can reach Legacy support at I have been using the Neat Desktop Scanner for several years without any problems and I loved it. It was so efficient and easy to use, both for storage of information and printing out reports. Now, all of a sudden my computer says it is not connected or the driver is missing.

I am not sure how I found a techie company not sure because I have been online with them for the last 18 hours and am lucky to remember my name. Thank goodness all of my folders and information had been synced to the cloud, because at one point they had lost all of the folders and their contents. I had to tell them that everything had been saved to the cloud.

They said they finally got it fixed but in fixing it they downloaded the trial of the new software. I did not know this until the day after this was done when I got an email from The Neat Company. How do I get my old software back? Or can I get it back. Do I have any choice but to use the new software? The name of the company is "premiumtechiesupport.

They could not do anything without my purchasing additional software. They made me feel like I really did not have any choice. I really do not think The Neat Company has built their business and reputation on this manner of doing business. I am thinking seriously of turning this over to my attorney. I guess I will get used to the new program, but I do not like it at all. I especially do not like being tricked into a monthly payment for the new program.

I would gladly go back to the old program if I have a choice. Glad to hear the older software worked well for you and you were able to save all your data on the cloud. I've never heard of "premiumtechiesupport" but we have our own tech support so they would not be trained to work with the Neat software the way our own agents are. I see you are currently on a free trial which expires March 7 and then converts to an active subscription so you can use the trial to see if the current software will work for you in addition to the cloud benefits that allow you to access your data from any browser and add data on the go with the Neat mobile app.

Scanning a PDF results in huge files 4 meg compared to Epson scanner 8 kb, same 2 pages scanned. Have not found a way to lower the DPI setting. I've submitted questions to the forum, but they don't show up. Would like to reduce the size of the files to something manageable. But if not, I'll stick with my Epson. If you're using the latest version of Neat there is currently no option to change the resolution or file size. I've added this to our feature requests for future updates. There are several features we are planning to add to the current version later this year. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.

Look to your Salesforce cases. I have fully documented my problem there. I checked your case and we'll be contacting you shortly to help you with downloading the legacy software and scanner driver. As a long-time user of Legacy Neat program, I recently had to replace my computer, which was not connected to the Internet. I was very disappointed to find that Legacy Neat has been discontinued in favor of a watered-down Cloud-based version of the software, supplemented by subscriptions to Cloud storage. The need to upgrade programs is understandable when purchasing a new computer.

However, other programs I have had to upgrade have involved a simple download, followed by a straight-forward process of migrating data from one computer to another. Attempting to get the same transition completed with Neat has felt like an effort in wasted time and frustration, especially since, throughout the process, tech support seems to be getting only more difficult to obtain.

To begin with, despite my reservations about the new Cloud-based software, I signed up for a subscription and tried to upgrade from Legacy to Cloud, hoping to preserve 5 years of saved receipts. In doing so, I discovered that simply upgrading my Legacy software required a download that had to be sent to me by tech support. After completing this step over a week ago, I found that sync would still not work, and had to contact Neat tech support again.

I have been through a remote session with a Neat tech trying to fix the sync error. She seemed knowledgeable, helpful, and patient, and worked with me for an extended period by phone and remotely accessing my computer. Whatever she did, after about 2 hours, sync appeared to be working, so we disconnected, but after several minutes, my computer "completed" syncing, which is when I discovered that it was actually only syncing from Cloud to Legacy, not the other way around. During this process, I've tried chat support several times - only once has it connected to anyone in tech support, and that was what resulted in the above-referenced remote session.

I have never had my support calls answered directly, although prior to today, at least I was provided an option to leave my phone number for a return call from tech support. Today, each time I called, the support phone line automated message just tells me that Neat is experiencing "higher than usual call volumes" or something to that effect , tells me to try again later, then hangs up on me.

As for email, it appears those messages are usually responded to within 24 hours, give or take, but only if sent during weekdays. Per the website, there is no support offered on weekends, so I don't know what someone does if the weekend is the only time they have to work through whatever issue they are having with Neat's product.

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When I have been able to connect with a support representative, the techs I have worked with are helpful, but getting that contact has been the real, ongoing problem. As a business owner whose living depends on providing service to my customers based on their needs and convenience, it is concerning to me that customer service has been so difficult to obtain from Neat Company.

Thanks for being a long-time Neat user. We apologize that the transition from Legacy to Cloud has not been as smooth as we would have liked. We checked your case and will have an agent call you to assist in getting the migration completed in a timely manner. Having a problem with the software, I have the software and when we start up the scanner it says I need the software. No problem, I understand that we have glitches in our systems But good luck trying to get in touch with a human being and getting a little support.

The support is a computer and it asks you questions - no biggie, but "the computer" does not understand or doesn't recognize my email or phone number. We will throw this thing away and buy something with a little better support. This is not our first issue by the way but were finally done - would not recommend to anyone. As you know, we scheduled an appointment with you for a support agent to call and assist you at 6pm EST this evening.

We can make sure the system recognizes you in the future. To do that please, provide the phone number you're calling from and the email address used for your Neat account in a private response. Thank you. I had to go from the legacy system to the new cloud-based system, and I had some trouble migrating my old data over but the Neat representative helped me with that and got it done. I use it nearly every day and use it as a filing system. I read everything in as a document and I got my file set up so every company that I do business with has a file, and then I store it in their folder and hope I never have to look at it again.

It works fine. I was self-taught and got into it and started using it. I liked it so I used it that way. I have not used NeatCloud as much lately because I was in the transition and I lost my data.

Somebody from Neat got on the phone and fixed it for me but until they did, I was dead in the water there for a few days. Thanks for your comments, Neil. It sounds like you've made good use of Neat to stay organized and find your documents quickly. We are working on some updates to the current Neat software later this year and we expect some of the Legacy features to make a come back. Thanks for being a loyal Neat user. I went from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and lost my software. Over the years, I've used my NeatDesk several times a month.

I also put business cards in it. Neat is a great tool. My software has been acting up and I am not able to scan and send. I have to go through multiple steps to do so. Set up a request online to ask for tech support to call. No one has returned my call. I have paid for one year's Priority subscription. Sorry you had difficulty getting support. We will have an agent call to assist you this morning and get things working like normal. My boss had NeatDesk at home and he brought it here into the office.

We have all these records lying around in boxes and it is the perfect way to scan them in and have them readily available without going into the dungeon and getting the dirty files. But Neat should make the installation instructions clearer for people like me that are not quite as adept at things like this. It took two tech cases before I was able to use the machine. Initially, I had an issue with downloading the software to my computer.

A nice girl helped me to do that but when I tried to operate the system, it told me that the scanner's driver didn't download so I made another case. I got an email on that and they gave me a link to go to download the actual drivers so that it would work. All the resolutions were made within 24 hours and it couldn't get better than that. I got the system on Monday and I was able to use it on Wednesday. I asked the rep that I talked to about it but she told me that they didn't have things like that. I also know they have tutorial things on there but for some reason, I couldn't get the actual movies of the tutorials on my computer.

Other than that, I love NeatDesk. Once I got the software installed, it was easy to use. It's an outstanding product and I use it everyday. I scan the files and save it as PDF. The quality of the export is great. I have also been looking at the reports, and it looks like it's going to be neat once I actually get into it. It's great to hear how you're able to sort and organize all your boxes of paper records using Neat.

Mariner Software

I am never one to complain let alone on a public forum such as this but that being said I had to make my story public to keep other people from falling into the same trap. I have been scanning in receipts throughout the year no problems. I do not want my personal documents on the cloud. I do not feel safe doing that. It will not let me out of the home page.

The only option given to me is to pay to subscribe. Now after we have time tons of it and money involved in this Neat Scanner we are told that the Neat Company will only provide customer support if you pay them money. Which is not what we agreed to when we purchased this product or we may have chosen differently.

I then tried to email them which I received an unclear answer so I emailed them back asking them to give a clearer answer and they responded with an email stating that my complaint had been resolved. So I turned to social media and Facebook messaged them. They said that I can download the legacy form of their software but that it was no longer supported by them.

So I tried to download the legacy version following the instructions provided. Which sent me into not unlike their phone customer service an endless loop of links that don't work or send me to another page on their website that provided no answers. The Scanner we have is neither old nor cheap and I truly think this company is a bunch of scam artist that have hit hard times and are trying to stay afloat by taking advantage of the customers they already have and have already invested time in their scanners.

I should not have to go through this much trouble to use a product that I already paid for under the terms that that was all I needed to use it. I have reported them to among other places the Better Business Bureau. I use Neat every day.

Common error messages while scanning

It is a thousand percent better than the previous method I had and it will continue to work for me. I found the initial setup a little confusing between NeatCloud and the Neat software that resides on the computer. Neat needs a backup function where there is a drop down to the file level and just copy a file and paste it wherever you want to keep it. I have mine backed up offline to another drive. As you progress your life, you accumulate a lot of data, and this allows you do to searches as opposed to combing through file cabinets.

NeatDesk is a good software and I would definitely recommend it to somebody. In the beginning, it took me forever to try to get anybody to address that situation. I would be on the phone for about 20 minutes on hold then all of a sudden, I would be told that they were busy and to call back.

I spent close to a hundred hours of trying to reach them. But the last guy, Lance, was very good. He called back when he said he would, stayed with me, and worked on it. I'm still far behind right now and I don't know if I could ever get caught up to get to the point where I could do the daily scanning of any receipts I have or my monthly billing statements when I want to. I want to try it because that would be a good thing.