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Step 1. Remove password from encrypted PDF files

As I did not know the password, the tip here did not work — could not save it in Preview. However, I then tried opening it with Skim. Rename the file. Your tips is anyway wrong. Found a solution in Preview Help.

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Lock or Unlock document can be found in drop-down menu next to document title. Yes — thank you for clarifying what I should have made that clear — but Unlocking the document without Unprotecting it did allow the document to be trashed. Give me a break. And readers of this site, I would surmise, are a much savvier Mac user. Unfortunately yes he is a regular troll, while offering reasonable criticism or improvements to an article is absolutely OK and welcome! I hear and agree with your and maybe even his larger point though, and this specific solution is just aimed at novice users who are not aware that perhaps the simplest way for removing the PDF password is to re-save it without one.

On a broader note, many of these simpler tutorials are based on repeated reader inquiry or questions left in the comments. Thanks very much for the tip!

How to Remove a Password From a PDF File on Your Mac

One of the things I appreciate about this site is the way in which it caters to newbies AND to readers with a more sophisticated understanding of the ins and outs of Macs and other Apple products. And when a person s chooses to be unpleasant for the sake of being unpleasant, filtering them out is appreciated. Well this goes far beyond the reach of Most users being the vast majority of every day people, not a situation where truly sensitive data is stored in a file which would be better suited for direct encryption or something similar. I am not aware of a simple way of removing a password which is preventing you from opening a PDF document, but if you have a PDF document which you can open, but a password is in place enforcing restrictions, such as preventing you from copying from the document or printing it, running the file through ghostscript usually does the trick.

I do this under Linux, but I suspect it would be the same, or similar, if you installed ghostscript on your Mac :. In reality, I have this saved as a shell script e. There are quite a few dependencies that will arrive with it, but this could be very useful all around.

How to Decrypt Encrypted PDF on Mac and Windows

I guess the password encryption gets embedded into the PDF as part of the file, right? So probably not possible. Luckily, I found this comment while browsing the Apple Discussions forum and it worked for me. I could finally get rid of these annoying print, edit, copy and other restrictions. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. David says:. October 16, at pm. Rob Reinglast says:.

July 8, at am. Elwood says:. April 22, at pm. Siva Sankar says:. March 3, at am. Jami says:. November 6, at am. Todd Shirley says:. Moreover, this software also removes security restrictions from PDF files in batch without any data loss.

How to Unlock a PDF on Mac No Matter You Know or Forgot the Password?

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Follow each step carefully to unprotect an Adobe PDF document. Supports removal of security passwords from PDF files in bulk 2.

How to Unlock a PDF Online

Author: Edwin Hoffer. Ask questions about what you read.

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