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It comes as a portable version can be run on any computer, without installing that you can carry around in your USB drive, and it will let you encrypt and password-protect specific files and folders. If you want to use Folder Lock for password protecting your USB data, then this handy guide may help. If you have very sensitive data and simple password protection is not enough, you can also encrypt a separate partition in a USB drive and add all important data in that partition. This way, you can easily access all your unprotected data without any need of a password, and access the important data just enter the password.

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  • Method #1: Password Protect Individual Data on a USB drive!

For this purpose, Rohos Mini drive does a remarkable job. It comes with both free and paid versions and free version offers encrypted partition up to 8GB.

How To Encrypt A Flash Drive MAC | Windows | Linux | Ubuntu – 2018

A dialog will open up with all the properties of the new partition that will be created. Here you can specify, drive letter, space, and encryption type. It is better to not to change these options except for the partition size and disk letter. You can specify the partition size in MBs i. With the free version you can also specify up to 8 GB space and you are only allowed to create partitions of half the space on the USB drive.

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  4. Password Protect a USB Flash Drive on Mac without Erasing Data.
  5. When you are done changing the properties, you will see two blank fields where you can enter a password to encrypt. Make sure you add a strong password with numbers, characters in both capitals, special characters and of characters minimum — more advice from Google to ensure your sensitive data is safe.

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    • How do I securely encrypt a USB flash drive using a Mac?.
    • 1. Rohos Mini Drive: Create an Encrypted Partition?

    When you are done, click on Create disk and the process will start. It can take minutes for a Mb partition, for larger partitions it could even take hours.

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    When done, all you need to do is plug in the USB in any computer and the Rohos program will be shown in the taskbar. You will be asked to provide the password, and when entered, the drive will be loaded in My Computer along with other drives. If you would like to encrypt the whole drive, then it can be done easily. For this purpose, we are going to use the tool DiskCryptor.

    Encrypt and protect a disk with a password using Disk Utility on Mac

    It is a free to use open source tool that has a really simple interface. We selected DiskCryptor due to its easy use and compatibility with Windows and above. Download DiskCryptor and install the program. Mac owners with more than a touch of paranoia should head straight for the website of Moldovan security firm Rohos with any old USB flash drive at the ready.

    How to Password Protect a Flash Drive on a Mac

    On said site they'll find the oddly named Rohos Logon Key , which is a new the OS X version at least downloadable application that turns the USB drive into a key that can lock a Mac up tighter than Gordon Brown's wallet. In operation, it's a simple matter of turning the computer on and inserting the drive at the logon screen.

    Deleting the USB Key

    After a few seconds the software kicks in and authenticates the key using a unique serial number attached to the USB hardware. In other words, it saves you the two seconds it takes to type in a password. Rohos says that its software doesn't actually store anything on the flash drive, as all the software does is look for the particular key associated with its lock.