Virtual machine mac os x lion

On Thursday VMware released Fusion 4. The features documented in the Fusion 4. When Lion was released, that policy changed to allow both Lion Server and the non-server version of Lion to be virtualized.

Installing Mac OS X 10.7 as a virtual machine in VMware Fusion

When a user tries to install Leopard or Snow Leopard in Fusion 4. As a VMware tech note explains :.

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VMware Fusion 4. Starting with Fusion 4.

Parallels Desktop 14 for Mac

This additional prompt reminds you that installing Mac OS X in a virtual machine is subject to the license agreement that accompanies the Mac OS X software. VMware recommends consulting the license agreement accompanying your Mac OS X software for the terms and conditions that apply. Click Save and the virtual machine should start up after a few minutes.

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  • Click Continue to start the installation. Agree to the license agreement and then choose the hard drive you want to install OS X to.

    Support Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Guest

    It should say Macintosh HD and be the size you setup for the virtual machine. Click Install and OS X will now be installed.

    How to install Mac OS X Lion in Virtualbox

    Once the installation is complete, OS X should load up and you should be able to log into the desktop. Kind of a long process, but pretty straight-forward. If you choose the Install from recovery partition option, the procedure is pretty much the same. First, it will load a screen where it will look for the recovery partition and if it finds it, it will bring up a dialog to save your virtual machine.

    Download OS X

    Give the virtual machine a name and location and click Save. Click Finish and the virtual machine window will load up. Next, the Apple logo will appear with the progress bar. Click Continue. Accept the license agreement and then choose the hard disk you want to install OS X onto. At this point, OS X will be downloaded and it could take a while depending on your Internet connection.

    After it finishes, the virtual machine will restart and the Apple logo and progress bar will appear. It does take quite a bit of time to setup OS X in a virtual machine, but it works well.

    After you are done and your virtual machine is loaded, you need to click on Virtual Machine and then Install VMware Tools. This will install the OS X virtual machine tools, which allows you to increase the resolution to HD and allows the virtual machine to run more smoothly.