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Can You Play Games on Mac?

In some cases, it's not a big difference, but in others—namely when it comes to web browsing—it can be pretty nightmarish. Flash, Java, and other heavy plugins for web content are especially to blame for sucking down system resources while you're trying to play full-screen games, and fighting those games for valuable processor time even though the game clearly has priority. You could just remove Flash and Java entirely, or you could install ClickToFlash for Safari or Flashblock for Firefox or Chrome to stop it from loading until you actually want it.

Activity Monitor is built in to OS X and gives you a complete picture of which processes and applications are using the most memory, CPU, and disk resources. It's great, and it's a great way to see if there's some application open behind your games that's slowing everything down so you can close it even if that app is Steam—I've seen that happen before.

However, Activity Monitor can be a pain to keep an eye on behind a full-screen game, so consider iStat Menus , which essentially puts those tools in your Mac's menubar. I know we suggested keeping menubar utilities to a minimum, but the beauty of iStat Menus is that they're really light on system resources, and can tell you more than just RAM, CPU, and disk activity. One click shows you CPU temperature, battery temperature, fan speed, and more.

You can get a feel for whether or not there's a hardware issue at play as well as a software one like a broken or dying fan, for example , even while your favorite game is up and running. Just to get the inevitable out of the way, yes—you can always install Windows on your Mac.

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Whether you give up on OS X entirely or you use Boot Camp to dual-boot, you can run Windows and your favorite Windows apps and games on your Mac hardware. It's one way to get your game on in a way you're probably familiar, and use all of the tweaks and tools you're familiar with. Plus, if you're running Windows, you have a broader array of games available for you to play, and many of them will actually run better in Windo, you have more options.

A Mac actually makes a remarkably solid Windows computer, and while it's not designed specifically for gaming, most models' discrete graphics make them pretty good for the task. Once you've gone through these suggestions, ideally your games should play a bit more smoothly. As with any system, you'll have to tweak the graphics settings to make sure everything is just right, but just because you're gaming on a Mac doesn't mean you have to settle for the performance you get.

Keep in mind however just like in a Windows PC, hardware plays a significant role, and there's only so much you can do to accommodate it and boost performance before you hit its natural ceiling. You can't control everything, but there are definitely a few things you can do to boost your gaming experience, especially if you're on the go. The A. Filed to: friday fun Filed to: friday fun friday fun video games gaming os x mac mac os how to steam customization. If you use Steam, it's also a good idea to update all of your games, which provide patches, updates, and new game installs that improve the way they run.

Just go to "Library" and check which games need to update unless you have auto-updates enabled, then you're fine. Each game you play has graphic settings that you can customize to add more details to the background, let you see further, and more. Usually you'll find these settings in the game menu under "Graphics. As you can see below, many features like motion blur and sun shafts are disabled, because I don't really care for them, as they tend to cause a significant amount of lag because they constantly need to be updated and drawn. Ultimately it's up to you to choose which graphics settings are worth keeping, since all will affect game performance one way or another.

You can also change the quality of certain graphics, which can range anywhere from low to high. Mess around with these to see which affect gameplay the most. Believe or not, playing in different view modes can affect gameplay. I tested out a few games from Steam, in both windowed seen below and full screen modes, getting mixed results in how well the game played.

Some games slowed down a bit when the window was too small, but others also slowed down when I went into full screen mode. Try out all the options possible to see which works best for you. Last but certainly not least, you can always use Windows on your Mac to play all of those games unavailable on OS X. Do you have any other tips to add that have made your gaming experience on Mac better? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Another way to fill the screen is to press the Option key and then click the green button. This expands the window to take up as much space as possible, while not hiding the menu bar and Dock. This is not the same as full-screen mode, but it takes advantage of as much of your display as possible. When you want to leave full-screen mode, move your cursor to the top of your display to show your app's toolbar, and click the green button.

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    When you're in full-screen mode, you may need to change the way you switch apps. If you're used to clicking icons in the Dock or clicking parts of windows to switch from one app to another, it's time to learn some new techniques. Here's how you can switch apps in full-screen mode:. Here's what Mission Control looks like with three full-screen apps.

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    Note the icon at the top left corner of the Preview window; click that to restore it to a standard window. Here's a another handy tip. I said above that the Dock disappears, and that's correct. It's a tricky gesture, but if you get the hang of it, you may find it useful for opening apps, or for accessing folders you store in the Dock. The Mac has long had a multi-window interface. This is practical if, say, you're researching something in Safari and writing a paper or report in another app.

    How to Enter and Exit Full Screen Mode in macOS

    It's easier to have both windows visible—if you have the space—rather than switching back and forth from one to the other. Rather than feel cramped, you can use all your display for each app. You also have fewer distractions if you have a single app filling your display.