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This usage was passed on to other languages using the Latin alphabet although it was subsequently dropped by most. Other Romance languages have different spellings for this sound: Italian and French use gn , a consonant cluster that had evolved from Latin, whereas Occitan and Portuguese chose nh and Catalan ny even though these digraphs had no etymological precedent.

The same sound is written ny in Indonesian , Zhuang , and Hungarian , and nh in Vietnamese and Portuguese. In Tagalog , Visayan , and other Philippine languages , it is also written as ny for most terms. It is collated as the 15th letter of the Filipino alphabet. It is also used to represent the velar nasal in Crimean Tatar. Until the middle of the 20th century, adapting it as nn was more common in English, as in the phrase " Battle of Corunna " [ citation needed ].

Now, it is almost always left unmodified. Senegal is unique among countries of West Africa in using this letter. It was used in the Spanish Republican Air Force for aircraft identification. In , a European Community report recommended the repeal of a regulation preventing the sale in Spain of computer products not supporting "all the characteristics of the Spanish writing system," claiming that it was a protectionist measure against the principles of the free market. Among other forms of controversy are those pertaining to the anglicization of Spanish surnames.

Since , CNN's Spanish-language news channel incorporates a new logo wherein a tilde is placed over two N s. The following instructions apply only to English-language keyboards. Apple's Mac OS X A soft not physical Spanish-language keyboard is easily installed in Windows. Yet another option is to use a compose key hardware-based or software-emulated. This is not needed for newer browsers. This feature allows almost any Unicode character to be encoded, and it is considered important to support languages other than English. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Ein Wegweiser durch den Irrgarten der deutschen Sprache. Madrid: Espasa. Madrid: Espasa-Calpe. RAE Al pie de la letra. Grenoble : PUG. A Comprehensive Guide. Spoken and Written English Grammar and Usage. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press. New York, Three Rivers Press. Dizionario grammaticale e degli usi della lingua italiana, Serianni, L. To familiarize students with the most common techniques used in subtitling. Students will study the guides and protocols used by the leading film and television studios in detail.

To teach the distinction between the redundant and important parts of text. As there are limitations to the space for characters with this type of translation, reducing the amount of text without losing meaning or making this loss as small as possible is without a doubt the most important aspect when translating subtitles. To give students an idea of the current reality of subtitling within the context of an ever expanding market.

Translating subtitles with a template 2. Translating and applying protocols for FILM 3. London: Routledge, Audiovisual Translation: Subtitling. Manchester: St Jerome. DURO, Miguel coord. Translation Journal 2 2. International Journal of Humanities and Social Science. Conference Interpreting: Current Trends in Research. John Benjamins: Amsterdam. Subtitling is the most appropriate tool for the deaf and hard of hearing to access audiovisual media such as television, cinema, video and video games. The aim of this module is for students to learn techniques and strategies in order to train the subtitling professionals for this area in the future.

It is a relatively new profession but one which is showing very promising signs for the future. Therefore, the main aim of the module is for students to learn how to best use subtitling as a tool which enables the hard of hearing to access media, cinema and television.


The educational objectives of the module are the following:. Students will also become familiar with the development process for SDHH from its origins to the present. Standardization of the practice. Practical examples applied to FILM 2. Applying subtitling protocols for the hard of hearing. Description and management of specific Aegisub functions for subtitling for the hard of hearing 2. Description and management of specific VisualSubSync functions for subtitling for the hard of hearing 3.

Embedding subtitles on the video. AENOR Norma UNE Subtitulado para personas sordas y personas con discapacidad auditiva. Frankfurt: Peter Lang. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, Tres espectros, tres momentos. Valencia: Universitat de Valencia, Matamala eds. Listening to Subtitles. Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang.

Pereira y P. To give students an overall vision of how audiovisual translation can be applied practically to dubbing. To study all aspects related to this field in detail. To study the particular cultural differences associated with these type of texts.

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To analyse possible alternatives. The basics of terminology 2. Types of scripts 3. Terminology used 4. Presentation and layout standards. Stages of the dubbing process 2. Translation characteristics of film dubbing 3. Work tools and documentary resources 4. Complement to image and sound 5. Dubbing unit: the take 6. Synchronization: techniques and symbols 7. Translation techniques for dubbing film 8. Types of scripts 9. The dubbing studio.

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Translation and guidelines applied to FILM 2. Castro Roig, X. The Didactics of Audiovisual Translation. Amsterdam: Benjamins. El Doblaje. Universidad de Huelva, Universidad Jaume I. Alicante, Publicaciones de la Universidad de Alicante, For students to learn the techniques needed for synchronization through practice using a dubbing script. To analyze each stage of the synchronization process. For students to learn other audiovisual translation techniques such as respeaking and voice over so that they are aware of other alternatives available for the synchronized dubbing of audiovisual material.

A brief history of dubbing 2. What materials do we need to carry out the dubbing process? Stages of the dubbing process: recording materials, translation, lip syncing the script, dividing into takes, assigning voices, duration of dubbing 4. Synchronization practice with dramatic material for TV, copies of actual projects and original scripts 5. Live subtitling respeaking. The importance of new technologies for subtitling 3. Respeaking techniques. Voice Over - Using voice over - Definition and sub-categories - Voice over standards original scripts, the look of the translated script, symbols, takes, etc.

Current market and rates - Translation and synchronization practice. The accessibility of people with a sensory disability the blind and deaf to audiovisual media, such as television, film and video, is a challenge which is still in its initial stages. However, taking into account all of the initiatives and innovative action which are currently being developed, the future looks bright for this area.

One aim of this module is to adequately prepare students to become professionals in the field of audio description. The module aims to provide students with the knowledge, skills and correct attitude that will allow them to carry out this profession, which in addition to providing a social service also offers the possibility of furthering their career.

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With this in mind, the main objective of the module is for students to use the audio description techniques taught as a means for the visually impaired to access mass media such as film, television, DVD, theatre and live events, and audio guides. Audio description for the blind 2. The language of film and television 3. Carrying out preliminary analysis 4.

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Formal matters 5. Prioritizing information. Presentation of the main characteristics of a script for audio description 2. Audio description standards 3. Presentation and use of TrAD software 2. Reading and recording an audio description project. Theater: description of its elements and its importance in audio description 2. Touch tours 3. Creating the audio description script 4. Technology used in audio description 5.

Audio description screening. Museums: description of their elements and their importance in audio description 2. Audio described guided tours and audio described guides 4. Creating the audio description script 5. Technology used in audio description. Minusval 98 septiembre-octubre , p. Nueva York: American Foundation for the Blind. Sevilla: Atril. PELI, E. The aim of this module is to introduce students to web page localization and the technical and linguistic aspects and translation issues to bear in mind.

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Furthermore, students will study and be able to use the different translation tools that are generally available and used in the translation of web pages. This module focuses on the localization process of all software and video game components. We will analyze the features, stages, and other aspects related to the localization process of these products as well as the tools which are often used in this process. C Corner. The Video Game Localization Handbook 2. Traducir con software libre. Granada: Comares. A Practical Guide to Localization. John Benjamins Publishing Company.

The Journal of Specialised Translation.

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The Journal of Internationalisation and Localisation. TRANS This module deals with terminology which is an essential aspect in the field of translation. This module covers the theory of specialized terminology and the various terminological resources available and the task of managing terminology. Furthermore, students will study a number of tools used for terminology extraction, analysis and management. Universidad Pompeu Fabra. Las palabras del traductor.

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This module analyses the different types of programming language as well as the various kinds of multimedia files and products as well as the tools required to translate the textual elements associated with them. World Wide Web Consortium. This module deals with translation and localization project management. Students will look at management and the factors that affect it as well as the use of management and quality assurance QA tools. John Benjamins Publishing Company, Sevilla Dr. Translation and interculturality 3 ECTS credits : 1. Documentation techniques applied to translation 3 ECTS credits : 1.

Language correction for translators 3 ECTS credits : 1. Frederic Chaume Univ. Jaume I Dra. Huelva Dra. Patrick Zabalbeascoa Univ. Pompeu Fabra - Barcelona D. Ivars Barzdevics Traductor Profesional D. Analysis and commentary of previously completed documents Career opportunities B.

Discussion forums and other links C. Audiovisual Translation Particularities: copyright laws and tax exemptions 4. London: Routledge.