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Anyone outside my company option sends the out of office response to anyone that sends you an email. Enter the message that will be sent to external non-UCSD email addresses. Click on OK. In Outlook, click on Tools then Out of Office.

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Click on Do not send Out Of Offices messages. Click OK. Note: Even though the previous Out of Office message is still in the text box, the Out of Office Assistant is no longer active. To ask questions, request a service, or report an issue, contact the ITS Service Desk , Select the I am out of the office between check box, and then set your Start date and End date. Set options for replying outside your organization if enabled by your Microsoft Exchange administrator.

Select the Send replies outside my company to check box, and then complete the information. The Out of Office Assistant works with the server that is running Microsoft Exchange Server to automatically reply to email messages while you are out of the office. Because the Exchange server sends the messages not Outlook , Outlook does not need to be open for the reply messages to be sent. To choose an account for which you want to turn off the Out of Office Assistant, select a folder in the account in the folder list before you continue to the next step.

How to set up Auto Reply to Email - Mac

If you want to turn off the Out of Office message before the end date, click Do not send Out of Office messages. You can set up an email rule in Outlook to automatically reply to new email messages. Create an email rule to automatically reply to incoming mail messages. On the Organize tab, click Rules , and then click Edit Rules. In the left pane of the Rules dialog box, click the account type for which you want to create the rule.

If you don't know which type of account you have, go to I'm not sure what kind of account I have. Click Add. In the Rule name box, type a name for the rule, such as Vacation response. Under the Add Action button, on the Change status pop-up menu, click Reply.

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Make sure that the Enabled check box is selected, and then click OK. To turn off the automatic reply messages, double-click the rule to open it, and then clear the Enabled check box.

Double-click the rule to open it, and then clear the Enabled check box. In the left pane of the Accounts dialog box, click the account.

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The account type appears under the account description. In this example, the account is a POP account. Create or edit a rule in Outlook for Mac Go to Home tab and click rules from Move group. Start from the clank rule, click Apply rules on messages I receive and click Next. Next window selects the reply using a specific template check box. Edit the rule description to click a specific template.

Now please select the template that you created and click Open.

Setting Up Out-of-Office Messages in Outlook

Follow the instructions and finally add a name to your rule like Vacation Auto-Response and click Finish. This rule set will send your automated reply only one time to each sender during a single session. On the Preference window click on Rules tab to start.

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