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Here you'll find the 10 Mac apps you should install and try first. Window management on MacOS isn't particularly great. Sure, you can make optimized apps completely full-screen or have two apps side by side in a split-screen view.

2. Resume Tasks

What if you don't want the full-screen experience and want to organize a handful of floating windows on your desktop? Well, without a third-party app, you'll be dragging floating windows around freely and manually resizing everything to fit. If you want a similar window snap experience like you get in Windows, consider one of these four apps:.

If you're tired of having a different application or browser window open for all the different chat services in your life, Franz is the answer. Franz is an aggregator of all sorts of services, but primarily chat. When you install and run it for the first time, you'll need to create a Franz account and add and log in to all the services you want to use. Then when you open Franz in the future, all those services will open automatically. This upgrade adds support for services such as HipChat and removes ads, as well as giving access to future premium services.

Apple 's iCloud Drive is a great cloud storage system if you're totally invested in Apple's ecosystem. But if you're more cross-platform, a service such as Dropbox or Google Drive is probably a better fit.

How to Make Your iPhone and Mac Work Together Seamlessly

Their applications for Mac are just as seamless. Install either Google Drive or Dropbox and your files and folders will be two-way synced. To upload a file to a specific folder in your Dropbox, just drag and drop the file into the corresponding folder in the Dropbox directory that's created when the app is installed. Also, like iCloud Drive, you can setup selective sync so not all your Dropbox or Google Drive accounts are synced with your computer.

And unlike iCloud Drive, you can disable Google Drive or Dropbox when you don't want them to sync by pausing or closing the apps. The Unarchiver is a power file extractor tool for Mac. Best of all, it's completely free and super simple to use. When you come across a compressed file that needs to be extracted, right-click on it, hover over Open With and select The Unarchiver. If the file type is a bit more obscure, make sure you've enabled all the necessary file types within the app settings.

Useful menu bar apps are plentiful on the Mac ecosystem, which is problematic for, well, your menu bar. It can get crowded and cluttered in a hurry, so Bartender 3 is an absolute must-have app. What Bartender 3 does is simple: It hides seldom-used menu bar apps and icons under its own icon. When you click on the Bartender icon, all of the hidden icons will be revealed. In preferences, you can choose which icons are shown in the main menu bar and which are hidden in the Bartender menu. You can also customize the appearance of Bartender and setup hotkeys for displaying the hidden icons.

When you click to change focus into another app, Hocus Focus will automatically hide the other app after a short timeout period.

1. iTunes replacement

You can whitelist apps that you don't want hidden, or you can have apps hidden as soon as the focus is changed away from them. It's a powerful organization tool and it's dead simple to use. Mac iPhone and iPad. MacOS and iOS work well together. If your desktop and phone both come from Apple, you have many useful functions at your fingertips. The Universal Clipboard feature is part of this set and it allows you to share clipboard content between your Mac and iPhone.

After that, you can copy content on your Mac and paste it in anywhere on your iPhone, and vice-versa. As long as you have the settings outlined in the above section in place, you can also stop tasks on one device and resume them on another.

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For example, you can start typing a note in Notes on your iPhone and finish it within Notes on your Mac. Look for the Notes icon with a tiny phone attached to it. Click on that Dock icon to resume typing the note. To reveal this screen, double-press the Home button on your phone. Then select the destination device when it shows up in the Share dialog. Then tap on the Share button to reveal the AirDrop option in the Share menu. You can transfer not only files and folders with AirDrop, but other types of data as well.

This includes webpages, notes, contacts, and photos. Keep in mind that AirDrop can be temperamental at times. If you have trouble using it, we have a few tips to troubleshoot your file transfer woes. The catch is that neither device can act as an AirPlay receiver.

Five best things about MacOS Catalina

But an Apple TV can. It simulates an AirPlay receiver and lets you stream content from your iPhone to Mac. To stream content from your Mac to your iPhone, you can use StreamtoMe. We'll teach you the basics of using AirPlay. Read More will tell you everything you need to know about streaming and mirroring on your Mac and iPhone. Then click on the Start button at the confirmation prompt. Your mobile device will then show up in the list of networks on your Mac, and you can connect to it.

The best to-do list to help boost your productivity

Our iPhone hotspot guide can help you understand the ins and outs of the hotspot feature. Your experience of this feature might vary depending on your carrier. If you face any issues, go through our troubleshooting tips for iPhone tethering.

If you enable iCloud sync for Safari on your Mac and iPhone, you can close tabs open on one device from the other. To set up syncing:.

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  6. After you make these changes, the Safari tabs from your iPhone show up in the Safari tab switcher on your Mac. You might need to scroll down to see them.