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Now select the mode of travel in the Travel Time section that appears in the edit area. What this means is that all the documents you might need for that meeting will be opened and made available to you on your Mac, all thanks to a little-used Calendar alert setting. Select it, then choose the application you want to use such as Fantastical or Things.

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Everything you need for a successful day Any. Available any place, anytime Start off on your Mac, continue anywhere. Available on:. How does Fantastical fare with features in mind?

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Very well, thank you! It integrates with iCloud and Google accounts, the two most used options for macOS users. Is your Google account configured to use two-factor authentication? No problem. In essence, desktop calendar applications can be thought of as wrappers. The full functionality is dependent on the background service iCloud, Google etc. But each client on macOS integrates with those backend services to differing degrees. Fantastical does a fair job of offering the majority of options that iCloud and Google calendar apps provide.

However, one feature Fantastical does not include is the ability for users to share their calendars. But, neither do any of the other options we considered apart from Outlook giving you options to share Exchange calendar accounts. Overall, most of the apps considered have parity in this regard. For many comparisons of desktop applications for macOS, cost is not a determining factor, simply because the range of prices is mostly consistent, but with Calendar apps, price does come into the discussion.

This is due to the fact that Apple provides a free option within the desktop OS, but also because Microsoft Outlook is more than 4 times the cost of the other contenders. First, do these third-party applications offer enough advantage over the free app already installed on their computer?

Lastly, one consideration when factoring in price to a decision such as this is support. When a Mac user makes a purchase of this nature, choosing a third-party tool over what Apple already provides, you have to consider what kind of company your purchasing power is supporting. Part of what makes macOS so special is the thriving community of developers. They truly make macOS a better platform as well as iOS , extending what it can do beyond what Apple envisioned. It feels good to support the Flexibits team.

Reciprocal benefit is a beautiful thing! Another vital aspect of a desktop calendar app for macOS is fitting in and being a good neighbor.

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With iCloud, an app that makes adding and viewing reminders has a distinct advantage over an app that does not. And again, Fantastical meets the need, and does so better than the other contenders. This may be one of my favorite touches with Fantastical. To add a reminder to one of your Reminder lists, simply toggle the switch in the new entry window.

The same benefits to adding an event to your calendar apply to your Reminders. Simply start typing in the entry window, then toggle the switch as shown above. Want that reminder to have a due date? Not a problem — just type it in like you would for an event. The natural parsing of Fantastical handles events and reminders with ease.

Displaying your reminders is also done well.

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In the Mini Window capitalized for your pleasure , your reminders are placed at the end of your list of events. If one has a due date and time, it shows amidst your events at that time.

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In the full app window, the reminders show in both the sidebar and the full calendar view. Apple has made an attempt to have Reminders be the default to-do list of the casual computer user. Unfortunately, they fell short making the experience fluid. However, Fantastical makes up where they lack. With Fantastical 2, the experience of adding, viewing, and interacting with reminders makes it feel as if Reminders is a natural extension of the calendar. Fantastical has a fantastic sorry … you knew it was coming! Today widget.