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You have several excellent options for doing so , and which works best for you depends a lot on your note taking style. Evernote does a lot. On top of the basics, like rich text formatted notes and images, it has in-app image annotation, OCR support for scanning paper or whiteboards, email integration, easy notes sharing, a web clipper, and tons of organization tools. You can keep to-do lists with assignments, then add due dates to those assignments before you share that list with people involved in a group project.

Evernote is a behemoth and because of that, it has a consistently improving interface on Windows and Mac, and mobile apps on Android and iOS that are updated with new features often. The other big catch with Evernote comes in the form of a recent price increase. Now, free users are limited to accessing Evernote on just two devices, like your phone and your computer. OneNote is available as a desktop app and a web app , as well as for Android and iOS. You can create separate notebooks for every class, add rich text formatting to text, draw on notes, highlight text, and tons more.

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You can embed tables from Excel, pull clips from emails, or link research to Word. OneNote also does a lot of the magic tricks that Evernote does, including importing images into notes, drawing directly on notes with a stylus, recording audio to notes, and easily saving links from any browser.

You can also share notes with other classmates easily. Google Keep does pretty much everything you expect of a notes app from Google. You can organize notes easily using a color coded system, look for anything with a powerful search engine, share notes with others, and everything is synced up to your Google account.

Students will appreciate the simple voice recording options and the ability to scan images into text easily , which comes in handy when your teachers still give you handouts. Just load it up and it immediately makes sense. Not everyone wants to take massive, complicated notes.

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If you decide to get a full Microsoft Office subscription, OneNote integrates nicely with the other Office apps, allowing you to do things like create notes from your Outlook emails or embed spreadsheets from Excel. Where OneNote falls a little short, however, is in its user interface. Reorganizing notes has its frustrations as well since clicking and dragging pages from one notebook to another can be spotty. Syncing can also have you pulling your hair out sometimes, especially when it comes to the mobile versions of the Office apps — one day it works seamlessly, and the next it may be on a massive delay or just not work at all.

Still, Microsoft puts out a lot of updates, and fixes and new features are automatic and frequent, especially with an Office subscription. As its name would suggest, Simplenote is a note-taking app that focuses on pure, streamlined simplicity.

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The first noteworthy heh feature of Simplenote is its vast availability compared to other apps. In fact, there is no paid version of Simplenote at all, so you get all the features up front with no strings attached. The app is also remarkably fast — so fast, in fact, that you can edit a note on your desktop and watch it sync in real time to your device.

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  7. This efficiency is refreshing compared to other note-taking apps with syncing delays that can put a damper on fast-paced work. Simplenote also has a super intuitive and handy-dandy history feature that lets you access every version of every note you take, regardless of how many edits you make.

    You can also export notes as text documents, in case you want to have access to them somewhere outside of the app. The Markdown option also lets you add images and link to websites within a note fairly easily once you get the hang of it. Unlike list or notebook-based apps, Google Keep uses a card interface that can make it easier to visualize your priorities and quite frankly, is just more fun to look at than a boring list.

    Each note you create is its own card, and you can choose from several different types to suit the needs of a particular idea or task. If you want to jot down some to-dos for example, you can create a List style note where you can check off items as you complete them. You can make a drawing card, where you use your finger, stylus, or mouse to whip up a quick sketch. Google Keep also takes features that are common in other note-taking apps and kicks them up a notch.

    Audio notes, for example, are automatically transcribed so your note includes a text translation of the clip. Similarly, you can grab text from images, which works surprisingly well and totally feels like the future provided the image is decently clear. You can make copies of any note, which you can add to Google Keep or choose to send into Google Docs.

    Aside from its handy automatic features, the ease and ability for organization are where Google Keep really shines. As with other apps, you can create custom tags for your notes and search your entire list to find what you need quickly. Collaboration is easy too, with the ability to invite other users via email with one click.

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    This pairs rather nicely with the ability to mark-up images within notes, allowing users to quickly exchange feedback. Rearranging notes is as easy as clicking and dragging them to wherever you want and you can pin the most important notes to the top of your feed. The web app also has the option of using keyboard shortcuts to do things like navigate to the next or previous note, compose a new note, create a new list, and perform a search. Syncing between devices is quite fast — but only when it works. Occasionally you can find yourself waiting way too long for changes you made on the web app to show up on your phone, and vice versa.

    Overall, Google Keep is a solid showing. Now go sketch, jot, record, upload, color-code … and take notes! Share on Facebook Tweet this Share. Previous Next. Don't Miss. Posted 1 day ago — By Chelsea Batten. Posted 1 day ago — By Jahla Seppanen. Posted 2 days ago — By Jahla Seppanen. Posted 3 days ago — By Sam Slaughter. Posted 3 weeks ago — By LeeAnn Whittemore.

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