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There is no need for additional cables or hardware required to transfer larger files between Mac and Windows as long as both computers are on the same network or have access to the internet. The best and free solution to transfer files as is to use a Cloud service. If you are not tech savvy, rather than going through the network setup, these cloud apps are easy to use.

When using the cloud services to transfer files, you can install the Windows and MAC applications in your system and copy files from your hard disk Windows System hard disk to the cloud drive. Once you drag or copy and paste the files onto the cloud drive, these files will then sync with your second system. In the second system MAC , you can copy synced files from cloud drive to your system hard disk to make sure a local copy on your system hard disk. Dropbox is one of the best drive solution available with multip platform support both for PCs and Smartphones.

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How to Transfer Data from Your Old PC to Your New Mac

The next solution as long as you have a home network is to transfer files between Windows and Mac through the network. Before you start, make sure both systems are on the same network. Both machines should be on the same network to transfer files each other. This process may be slightly different based on the Windows operating system you are using.

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Before you start, make sure that followed all the setting on Windows PC as we specified above. Also, please make sure both machines are connected to the same network. Select the name of the windows machine and click to open up the folder. By default, it selects the common folders like Pictures, Documents, Videos, etc. It also tries to find other potentially useful content like contacts, mail, calendars, and bookmarks. Surprisingly, it also lists out any other hard drives installed on your PC and you can easily copy data from there too.

At the bottom, it tells you how much data you selected and how much is available to transfer.

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  • Click Continue and the data transfer will begin. You should know that the Mac will create a new user account and import all the data there.

    Transfer Files between Windows and MAC over WiFi

    It does not modify any settings for your current user account, which is nice. If you need to run a Windows only app on your Mac, you can read my previous post on different programs you can use to run Windows on Mac. If you want to manually transfer data without Migration Assistant, you can do so, but it requires a bit more work. You have to create a shared folder on your Windows machine and then connect to it from your Mac. Going through all the steps to share and connect would make this post too long, but luckily I already wrote a tutorial on connecting to a Windows shared folder from OS X.

    In terms of manually getting data like contacts, email, bookmarks, etc, you would have to manually export the items and then import them into the appropriate program on your Mac. If you have any questions, feel free to comment.

    Step Two: Get Your Mac Ready

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    How to move movies, music, and files to the Seagate Central from a Mac

    All Products. These files can easily be migrated using the methods described below. This article is intended to help walk you through the process of moving your files from your Mac to your PC using these methods: The overall process is a 2 part process, the first step is to prepare the PC with a temporary folder to hold the files and to share that folder and then get the IP address so that you can connect to it from the MAC if your migrating the files over a network or by using a direct cable connection.

    The second step is to actually migrate the files, there are 5 different methods below, just use the method most appropriate for you: Step 1. More Information.

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    You should prepare a folder on your PC as a temporary location to store your files and then move them to the proper locations once the migration is completed Example: Documents in My Documents, pictures in My Pictures, etc Note: The methods below are listed from the most efficient to least efficient for situations where you have moderate to large volumns of files to migrate. To do this, tollow these steps:. To do this, follow these steps:.

    Once the temporary folder hac been created and the folder is shared, go to Step 2. To migrate your files from a Mac to a PC, click the method below that you would like to use and then follow the steps in that method to transfer your files.

    How to transfer data from a PC to a Mac

    At the begining of each method you will see what's needed to use that particular method. Note: Some methods may contain steps specific to your version of Windows. To transfer your files over a network, you must connect both the Mac and the PC to the network. Once the files are migrated to the shared PC folder, you can log on to the PC and move the individual files to thier permonant location.

    Working with files and folders. To migrate your files to the PC using a cloud based Service, first, log on to the service from the Mac and copy your files to that location. Next, log on to the cloud based Service from the PC and copy the files from that location to the folder on the PC.