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Download 1. Stable 1. Snapshots 1. Prerequisites 2. Maven Repository 2. Stable Release 3.

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The Software Development Kit Manager 4. Other ways to get Groovy 4. Installation on Mac OS X 4. MacPorts 4.

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  3. Older Releases and Source Code.
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Homebrew 4. Installation on Windows 4.

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Other Distributions 4. Source Code 4. IDE plugin 5. Install Binary. Install Groovy 1. Download In this download area, you will be able to download the distribution binary and source , the Windows installer and the documentation for Groovy. Snapshots For those who want to test the very latest versions of Groovy and live on the bleeding edge, you can use our snapshot builds. Prerequisites Groovy 2. Maven Repository If you wish to embed Groovy in your application, you may just prefer to point to your favourite maven repositories or the JCenter maven repository.

Stable Release Gradle Maven Explanation 'org. Other Distributions You may download other distributions of Groovy from this site.

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Source Code If you prefer to live on the bleeding edge, you can also grab the source code from GitHub. You can still find older, superseded versions of OmegaT. Legacy versions are older versions that have been superseded. For most users, these are not of interest. However, some users may face restrictions imposed by their operating systems or Java version that may result in a preference for an older version. The download will be faster, and the installation will require less space on your hard drive.

In this case, do not select the Default version; select a different version e.

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  • Standard or Latest , then select a version marked "Java not included". Linux users : most Linux distributions are supplied with a Java Runtime Environment, but some open-source implementations do not work properly with OmegaT although this may not be immediately apparent. Mac OS X has a feature called Gatekeeper that increases security by making it difficult to run unsigned programs.

    OmegaT for Mac OS X is available in both signed and unsigned versions; they are functionally identical, but the signed version is preferred as it is recognized by the system as being published by a known developer. There may be a delay in publishing signed versions. Users in a hurry can use the unsigned version instead; if you have difficulty launching the app, see how to open an app from an unidentified developer. During installation, depending on your operating system, you may receive several security warnings. The permissions you give to this version which may be described as "unrestricted access to the computer" are no different from the permissions you assign to the local version, i.

    In order to install the Web start version, you must already have Java version 1. The application runs on your machine. Your documents and translation memories remain on your computer, and the OmegaT project will have no access to your work or information. It is recommended for serious developers and testers only.

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    It can also be obtained using the subversion command:. Source code packages are not required by users and are intended for developers only. They can be found in the folders of the corresponding compiled versions. Toggle navigation. OmegaT Download Selector. Traditional The version for installation by the user, familiar to existing OmegaT users. Web Start The Web Start version is the "install and forget" version. Windows For installation on Windows System. Linux For installation on Linux. Based on your choices, we recommand you use: some version Download If this version is not available, you can try to download the unsigned version.