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Ammonite visualizes the tags used in a database or on your filesystem.

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Tags applied to many documents will appear larger then tags applied to a few documents. This helps you to drill down on the information you are looking for. Quick Look works like in Finder: Select a document and hit the space bar for instant previews. An example: You have many ebooks and want to find all books by a given publisher?

HoudahSpot — Powerful File Search Tool for Mac

Ammonite will create a dedicated cloud of publishers on the fly. There is no limit on how deep you nest tags. Ammonite is easy to use: Left-click on a tag in the cloud to find documents having this tag applied. Right-click to exclude documents with this tag from the result.

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Combine as many tags in your search as you need. The result is updated immediately. You are looking for documents created in a certain date range? Ammonite lets you find tagged files created or modified at a given date or date range more quickly than any other solution. I've only ever used Spotlight once or twice and it seems to come up with ridiculous suggestions that are not what I want.

Thanks to the developers of this great product, you should charge for it and use the money to improve the slightly esoteric UI. I found Spotlight finds less and less with every update. On El Capitan it seems to have developed a severe case of Alzheimer's, forgetting just about everything.

It has an awful interface, as ugly as a honey badger.

How to Improve File Search on macOS

The only doubt I have is that it may find too much Like others I think Spotlight gets worse with every change. This app is different and way better.

It gives you the search results you need Spotlight hides them in an ocean of irrelevant items ; it gives you only sensible matches; it lets you use regex expressions or very close to regex as search criteria; and it presents the results in a more accessible way than Spotlight. I found it way more useful in the first 10 seconds.

Thank you, folks. Up to six family members will be able to use this app with Family Sharing enabled.