Exercise to work off big mac meal

How Much Cardio Does it Take to Burn Off a Big Mac?

All rights reserved. Ever wondered how long it takes to burn off the Big Mac or Dominos pizza you just inhaled?

  1. Calculator showing how much exercise it takes to burn off fast food will ruin your lunch plans;
  2. This is how long it REALLY takes to burn off your favourite fast foods.
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Well, now we know -- and the worst offenders might surprise you. Based on the energy burned per hour of a person weighing 78kg, the new chart shows the total calories of 12 popular fast food meals and drinks to find out how much exercise it takes to work off the meal. A burrito from Guzman y Gomez could also take three hours to walk off.

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The four exercises included are running calories burned per hour , swimming calories per hour, yoga calories per hour and walking calories per hour. Note that if you weigh less or more than 78kg the mid-point between average male and female weights , it could take you a longer or shorter time, respectively, to burn off your last meal.

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Get top stories and blog posts emailed to me each day. Now researchers have found just how much exercise you need to do to burn off the calories from eating things like Big Macs, fries, Cadbury's chocolate and pizza. But a Cadbury's Dairy Milk would only require 21 minutes of lung-busting cardio or 28 minutes of weights to burn the calories in a 45g bar. Just make sure you're not eating them all at once, or you're going to need a full day at the gym Here's something new from JOE Dig in for untold stories of life as a pro, interviews, and analysis.

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Ben Kenyon. There's nothing quite like smashing a Big Mac from McDonald's when you're absolutely ravenous.

How Much Cardio Does it Take to Burn Off a Big Mac? | Daily Infographic

Listen on. Watch on. One of the world's strongest men says 'you shouldn't do deadlifts'.

Ways To Burn Off A Mcdonald's Big Mac!