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Crashes immediately on launch on Macbook Air Insta-crash each time, and not even making it to the start screen. Tried various steam library locations, plus redownload but no avail. What about linux version? Originally posted by DisplacerCpp :.

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Last edited by Arbitrary ; 23 Oct, pm. Currently running Last edited by Waldo Butters ; 23 Oct, pm. Hi Aspyr-Blair Have checked the game integrity - ran the files through Steam - and also have tried running in in Windows 10 on Bootcamp on the same Macbook Air, which works fine. So, am afraid that there really is a hard crash bug that is quitting it on launch. B20, 2 processors, Intel Core i5, 1.

Terminator View Profile View Posts. Everything is possible. There is a game Warzone is also was a Windows game only, but its works cross-platform now.

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I know some other people who can use the same help so your effectively answering for more than 1 person!! Thank you for your time and attention. I have also tried the version with CX version of the wrapper but it is for heroes 3 complete which my CD isn't but stil couldn't get it to work followed red markers and everything.

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Posted 23 August - PM xius, on 23 August - AM, said: and put the game in after installing it on windows 7 and putting the files to wineskin through usb. Posted 24 August - PM Thanks for your reply. How I go about installing it to the wrapper? Would I have to do this on windows? WHen you first launch Wineskin. No Windows needed. Tried the CX version for heroes3 complete but that didnt work either. I will keep searching. Thanks for the help guys and any additional info or suggestions would be great. If you changed the path that would explain why you would get an error about the C drive.

Do I not have to choose where my. I created a blank wrapper.

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Am I doing something wrong? Maybe the type of engine I am using? WS9Wine 1. Maybe there's some options or maybe my. Maybe some of the settings would help but I am sure it's more of a fundamental problem somehow. Posted 25 August - AM Thanks for the info. It is the errors that keep me baffled. I didn't change anything once the wrapper was created and just clicked on install software pointing to setup.

Again, thank you guys for your time. I managed to get it installed havne't passed the DirectX6 system test XD.

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The heroes3. Normally anything that will install and work with by default are rated Platinum, and even then sometimes you have to do some stuff to get them to work right. I don't know what versions your using, but there was an AppDB entry where someone used Wineskin and put in how they got it to work Posted 26 August - AM Thanks for the info. Thank you sir, for your time and help. Updated: After reading some errors and websites it seems that when I tried to run through wine command line I got freetype error: Wine cannot find the FreeType font library.

To enable Wine to use TrueType fonts please install a version of FreeType greater than or equal to 2. Overall seems like a slick piece of software, the Coherence feature is just freaky, as is having Homeworld 2 running in a window on a Mac! There are however a couple of issues which are seriously undermining usability, to do with files: 1 I cannot 'see' any of the files that should be in 'pictures', 'music' etc - by going down the directory tree in Windows Explorer for example.

In particular therefore, the 'link' to the desktop background picture that is on my laptop is 'broken', so I just jave a black background. Equally, I cannot 'browse' to it again, or indeed to any other image file, since going down the directory tree structure, there appears to be 'nothing there'. Ive even tried 'importing' a photo from the mac, and although it shows up on the Windows 7 desktop, it isnt 'seen' in Windows Explorer when browsing the desktop, or any other folder for that matter.

Has Parallels not moved all my files, and just populated an 'empty' folder tree, or is something else going on?

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