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Want your legs to appear long and slender? Blend gold and silver MAC pigments with your body lotion and apply it from your knees to the ankles. The glossy line will make your legs look gorgeously toned! Take your favorite hair styling product cream, mousse, gel etc. Then streak it through your hair or use all over for a total effect. But always remember: if you dust the pigment over your hair without mixing it with something that helps it adhere, it will just end up spilling everywhere! And I know what you mean about MAC. Which is so often the case with me as I find shopping most comfortable in my tattiest clothes!!!!

Being a makeup novice I doubt I could do all these amazing things you have described. It sounds awesome, am sure it is beneficial to those with artistic talents. May have kinda had to bookmark this. Brilliant post — so helpful! What are your top 3 MAC pigment shades for versatility? We, like you, hate the fact that animal testing still exists. If we had our way alternatives would be accepted everywhere, and we are trying to make that happen. I wish there was more understanding about animal testing labels.

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The Chines Government are responsible for so many atrocities related to animals, the environment, etc… it boggles the mind that bird poop face cream, snail slime, and other insanely ridiculous beauty products are widely accepted, but they insist on testing the cosmetics being widely used everywhere else in the world. The more I learn, the less respect I have for China. Your email address will not be published.

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Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Using pigment as eye liner Dampen a liner brush and dip it into the MAC pigment of your choice. Pigment as eyeshadow This is the most commonly used way to wear MAC pigments. Pigment as lipstick A clear or slightly rose-toned gloss works best for this purpose. Pigment as blush You can also use these multipurpose powders as blushers: apply a small amount of MAC pigment to your blush brush and blend it into your skin.

Pigment as nail polish You can mix your MAC pigment together with clear nail polish to create a custom nail colour. Pigment for body contouring Want your legs to appear long and slender?

Makeup Artist Master Class: How to Use Pigment

Easy to blend. Please note: Pigments are sold by weight, not volume. Containers may appear to be less than full due to settling of product. Apply Pigment with either a dry or wet brush depending on desired effect. Swatches Shade Names Filter. Rose Gold. Add to Favourites.

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