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A shell is simply a macro processor that executes commands. Many things that can be done Linux operating system can be done via command line. Some examples areā€¦. You can read more about bash here , via the GNU Documentation , and via the tldp guide.

Set up users, guests, and groups on Mac

You can start using bash on most Linux and OS X operating systems by opening up a terminal. You can also put all of your bash commands into a. Say you had a bash script with the following contents:. It is a special directive which Unix treats differently.

Understanding User Accounts in macOS

That is because it is a convention to let the interactive shell know what kind of interpreter to run for the program that follows. This is the standard location of the Bourne shell on just about every Unix system.

Though it is only executed if you run your script as an executable. For example, when you type. The script only has two lines. The first indicates what interpreter to use to run the file in this case, bash. It is due to the permissions set on the file. To avoid that use:.

Linux Command Line: Bash cd

Cat is used to read a file sequentially and print it to the standard output. The name is derived from its function to con cat enate files.

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Change Directory to the path specified, for example cd projects. Head is used to print the first ten lines by default or any other amount specified of a file or files. Posted by philastokes.

The first represents a login through the usual Desktop GUI login window; the second is there because you just logged into Terminal. Anybody else logged in either via the command line like a potential remote user or the GUI will show up here. To look for those, we have a couple of options. First, we can use the dscl utility to list all users, and you might be surprised at how many there are:.

Change macOS user preferences via command line

However, aside from those, you should only see names that you recognise. To make things a little easier, we can add another command to the dscl command to filter that list. Try this.

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That should now only return the names of real users. However, what we have so far is a list of users, not a list of hidden users. To see specifically if any accounts are hidden, we need a longer command:.

View the full users and groups list - Mac OS X Hints

Normally, when there are no hidden users, this will return the contents of a property list file that may look something like this:. How so? Because if there were it would return something very different, like this:. To do that, cut and paste the following into Terminal:. The 1 0 is the old value hidden followed by the new value unhidden. For the more advanced We can save ourselves some typing by putting much of this into a script so that we can run it whenever we want.