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Mane6 focused initial efforts to build up the six main characters from the show as the initial fighters, but have stated that an expanded roster of up to seventeen characters will be in their planned final version. Character-specific moves were to be present in-game. Capcom 3. They had designed one move where Pinkie would use her "party cannon" to launch a present at the opponent, and then she would then pop out of the present at close range. They realized they were thinking along the same lines as the professional developers and continues to work more of Pinkie's moves based on Teddie's moveset.

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After each character's move set was tested and refined based on testing feedback, the team then began to animate each character, first by creating Flash-based animations and then transforming this to sprites needed for Fighter Maker. With most fighting games, players can easily identify heads, arms, and legs, and know where to watch for attacks, but the same was not true for the ponies. They proceeded to add effects like sparks on the attacking character and opponent responses to help players to recognize attacks.

The team had released early pre-alpha gameplay footage as they added the main six characters to the game. The team was invited to demonstrate their game at the July Evolution Championship Series by one of its founders, Joey "MrWizard" Cuellar, as part of other indie fighting games. Though the game is an unlicensed work of Hasbro's My Little Pony franchise, the Mane6 team did not receive any cease and desist notices from the company until February 8, Like much of the rest of the Internet phenomenon surrounding Friendship is Magic , Hasbro had been mostly tolerant; allowing episodes of the show along with parodies and mashups of the works to be redistributed freely across the Internet.

This helped to create a participatory culture that has drawn a broader audience to the show, even going as far as to say they have no intentions of ever filing takedown notices as they see this as "Free Advertising and spreading".

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  3. Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops..
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Mane6 responded by terminating their QA program and pushing the project into a closed development cycle. Artist Elosande resigned from the team. Using a combination of the Mane6 team's unfinished build and fan-made contributions, this version features all main six characters of the television show as playable, as well as new stages and multiplayer capability. Now known as "Fighting is Magic: Tribute Edition", the game is now openly available for download and play.

With no legal option to continue to use the My Little Pony characters, the Mane6 team opted to keep most of their work to date and reworked the game with new art assets, retaining the theme of four-legged creatures. She noted that the common story concept for fighting games, where the characters would be fighting to be the champions of a tourney, was overused, and instead designed one around where the individual characters have already been determined to be champions from their individual tribes, and now are fighting each other for the key, each believing it is their destiny to obtain and use the key against the Predators.

The characters in the game will remain four-legged as with the My Little Pony version, which Mane6 developer Francisco Copado believes is a first for a fighting game.

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Lab Zero had developed a fighting game engine, named Z-Engine, from scratch for their own title. By early February , the Mane6 affirmed the game's release on February 22, They had gained support from Humble Bundle for publishing; in turn, Humble Bundle had reached out to publishers of other fighting game developers to bring themed assets into Them's Fightin' Herds , including Guilty Gear Xrd , BlazBlue: Central Fiction , and Skullgirls.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. An upcoming independent fighting game that features four-legged animal characters, originally started as a fan-made game based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


WW : TBA WW : TBA. Operation Rainfall. Retrieved 22 February Aaron Stavely Joins Mane6! Retrieved Console versions would require getting a proper license from Hasbro. A free app version could show up on the iPhone and Android OS's. Here's a scene from a livestream preview with the creators of the game. They talk and demo some of the features.

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The guys at Mane Six have made a small update to the character list. Fluttershy is now Official and she has a Plot-load of animal friends that will jump into the fight to kick ass in her defence. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead.

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So I did that, and still no luck. I hope it has nothing to do with any of the files April 7, edited. Edited June 24, by Pinkie Scratch April 7, May 6, Where can I get this game for Xbox !? June 8, The mane issue is just that I suck on the keyboard. I can't seem to get the combos to go right. I ain't no fighting game pro, though, so that's probably why it's like that for me. June 9, July 3, July 20, It's a blast,if you're bored. That's all I can say.. August 3, September 26, edited. I'm bumping up this topic for a update I edited on the first post of this topic. Also, thanks for almost 21, views!

This is by far my most viewed topic ever. I don't know the controls to this game either because it's insanely confusing.