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Video chat while you text, text while you video chat. Gifts and Stickers Send a gift to break the ice with a new pal or an entire chatroom. Use fun collection of stickers to communicate with friends. Also Available: Download Paltalk for Windows. Download Paltalk for Mac Latest Version. Top Downloads. Alternatively, you can use the built-in, though slightly hidden numeric keypad which is available by holding down the fn function key and then selecting the appropriate keyboard key.

The number pad options display in the lower right of some keyboard keys. Despite the availability of the numeric keypad keys, the MacBook keyboard does not have an Insert key. It is also used extensively in Window Eyes. This can be done with Remapkey.

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The Resource Kit is a To map an Insert key on your MacBook:. This is the only key that appears twice in Windows, both Command key opens the Start menu , but that does not provide otherwise necessary functionality. This will provide almost full keyboard functionality for your screen reader in Windows.

You could also map Insert to one of the F key F11 would work nicely or remap other keys as you see fit. Great tutorial Jared! Please note that previous versions of JAWS e. Beyond dealing with Vista itself, the screen readers should work alright on Vista. Yeah, I figured that the lack of the intercept driver would cause problems elsewhere, but most everything seems to work right in IE and Firefox. I personally found the laptop layouts overly complex and less documented.

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The only real issue with the normal keyboard layout that I noticed is the lack of the Insert key and the fact that you have to press function keys a lot to activate other keys numpad, home, end, backspace, etc. Great article Jared. I need my insert key! This is still the same old chestnut.

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The issue seems to stem from being unable to find suitable drivers for the graphics card. If anyone can find suitable drivers and successfully install them — ATI Radeon X, please let me know. I have to echo the other comments on here and say this is a great tutorial. But I should also say that, even without a lot of Apple background, I was able to follow your instructions really easily.

Perhaps you should get a job in one of the Apple stores, as the people at my local outlet were really not much help at all. They did tell me before I left how to go about installing and using Parallel and Boot Camp, but not in any sort of clear manner. This goes a long way toward laying a foundation for understanding the power of intel based Macs.

I just got on the Mac bandwagon. Looks like I have a lot to learn from you guys. Hello on fusion the same problem occurs jaws cursor will not work neighther will forms mode. Hank does your Mac with W-E work well? If anyone else has success on this topic please let us know. Thanks for the tutorial!

End of the line coming for Apple iChat log-ins to AIM on older Macs | ZDNet

A lot of my students have Mac book and I know this same problem has been causing a lot of hassles in their part. But, I was able to get the insert key within a few minutes of reading this post. I have Mac OS X Which makes it a bit hard and tricky to use in a professional environment where time is money. Otherwise, should I rather sell my PC and buy a MacBook or MacBook Pro instead, as some people say that Windows runs better on these machines, or even consider installing a Linux distribution like Fedora on the iMac, since Linux is also said to be fit for some screen-reading features?

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  7. Thanks in advance for your answers and good luck in making the World of technology a more accessible place to live for all of us! I installed WIndows using boot campt. No Problem. The error message says:. It was written for a previous version of Windows, and is no longer compatible with this version of windows.

    Great write. After searching around a bit, I was glad to see this works. You can only get it if you have purchased Windows-Eyes. The latest upgrade, I do believe now supports 64 bit.

    Upgrading Through Every Version of Mac OS

    They kept crashing after the reboot. I changed my preferences in Parallels to take a little more memory. Previously the mac people set up Parallels to use only mb. The service appears to be broken not just on the OS X Messages app, but even with third-party clients like Adium:. I was using an old. Messages on my Mac were sent and received through the third-party Adium application. On July 1, the service was no longer operational on either of my two Macs.

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