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Play MP4 on macOS High Sierra

Acting as a video container format, MP4 is the package and can contain video and audio components encoded with different types codecs. However, QuickTime just supports a few video and audio codecs in MP4 format.

Or directly drag them to the main window of iDealshare VideoGo. Overview QuickTime can't play MP4 video files?

How to Download Install VLC Media Player for Mac

I had a great deal of trouble playing an MP4 audio stream in QuickTime 10 and in iTunes I downloaded some videos from Google video in mp4 format but QuickTime won't open them. It keeps giving an error message. However, the incompatibility of formats can still be a problem now and then.

Sometimes you may feel confused when the video ends in MP4 file extension, but the Apple QuickTime player just says that the.

As we know, QuickTime Player is developed by Apple and is the default player pre-installed in Mac operating system. It supports a lot of media formats and codecs. However, not all formats are treated equally. However, in some cases, you still probably come across the error message like "the movie could not be opened" when you try to open a MP4 file WITH QuickTime player.

Thus, if we meet with the problem that QuickTime refuses to play some kind of MP4 files, all we need to do is convert the MP4 files into the format suitable for QuickTime Player.

The Best MP4 Players on the Internet

And here is the way to solve out this issue using a piece of third-party software named Video Converter. I downloaded some mp4 videos and quicktime but cannot get them to play. When I open quicktime, open file, mp4, there is a picture of the video with no sound and its not playing. What am I doing wrong? Where should I open the video to play it? When I try and play the movies using Quicktime I get the following error message: The movie could not be opened.

Why MP4 files fail to play on QuickTime player?

An invalid sample description was found in the movie. Any help on the reasons why Quicktime won't play the MP4 movies would be greatly appreciated. Sometimes, even the video codec used to encode MP4 files are recognized by QuickTime player, you may still get only picture of video but no sound due to the wrong audio codec contained in MP4 files. To fix all those video and audio incompatible issue, the best solution is transocding MP4 to QuickTime player compatible video and audio file formats and codec listed as below: Video formats: QuickTime Movie.

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