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At this point, the Software Update application compares available software versions online with the software currently installed on your computer to determine which updates it can offer you. You are now provided with a list of available updates. Each update provides the update name, the updated version, and the file size. Also, if a particular update has the small arrow icon in the left frame, it signifies that a restart of your computer will be required once that update has completed installation.

Apple Safari

When an update item is highlighted, a full description of the update is usually provided in the bottom frame as is the case in the screenshot below. You will notice in this example that a Safari update is indeed available. It is usually a good practice to install all available updates for any software that you use, even if you only use a certain software package sparingly.

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To select or deselect items that you would like to install, use the checkboxes directly to the left of their respective names. Note that some items will always be checked by default, including operating system security updates. In the example, we have seven items selected so the button reads "Install 7 items. At this point, you may be prompted for your computer's administrator password.

Safari 12 features

Enter your password in the appropriate field and click OK. All the updates you previously selected will now be downloaded and installed. Upon completion of this process, you will be returned to the desktop and your updates will be fully installed. However, if any of the updates that you installed required a restart of your computer , a message will appear giving you the option to either shut down or restart. On Windows, Chrome is much faster, as the latest versions of Apple's web browser are not available for that operating system.

On Mac, while the browser is running, click Safari in the top left hand corner.

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  • Then select Preferences, followed by Privacy. You can then press "Remove All Data On the iPhone, open Settings and find the browser there. Then, select "Clear History and Website Data".

    Comes with macOS Mojave by default

    As above, enter the Preferences screen. Click Security, then check or uncheck "Block pop-up windows". Similarly, you can enable or disable pop-ups for Safari on the iPhone using the app's Settings menu. On iOS devices using Safari, you can enable Do Not Track to prevent websites from tracking, among other metrics, the web page that linked you to that website, and what links you click from there.

    How to Update Safari on Your Mac's OSX

    This is not foolproof, as Do Not Track is simply a request sent by the browser. It can be enabled by via the browser's Settings menu. Tests by various research groups and reviewers indicate that Safari is faster when loading simpler web pages, at least as of this writing, but Firefox performs better both in speed and accuracy when rendering advanced HTML5 webpages. The same steps used to clear your cache, in the question above, also remove all of your browsing history by default.

    How to update Safari Browser on Mac

    You may remove individual history items on an iOS device by entering Bookmarks, then History, then swiping left on an entry. On Mac OS, simply click History on the top menu bar to access your options. Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave.

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