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Is there any reason why The Sims 2 is not available on Mac? I know it was released on OSX

Find words: S3Launcher. EXE 9. Replace S3Launcher with TS3. Open your game to make sure it works. It worked for me when I did it. Hopefully EA fixes the problem.

March If The Sims 3 base game isn't in the folder and is it's own little thing application , then do it anyways just without the file. Jordy Posts: 10 New Member. April I have tried other computer games and DVD's and they all work so I am not sure what the problem is. The game worked when I installed it in July and now it simply will not work. Any advice would be great.

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Me too. Message 1 of 7 24, Views. Reply 1. Accepted Solution. Re: Got laptop with no disk drive. Message 2 of 7 31, Views. Reply 2. All Replies. Message 3 of 7 20, Views. Reply 0.

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October I recently had this problem. Thank you EA!!! I love you guys! Message 4 of 7 18, Views. April You got lucky I have the physical version of the game Sims Medieval and I tried to get the digital version via Origin because my mac doesn't have any disk drive. Unfortunately it ended up on a freezing blank page.

When I contacted the Customer Service, they told me the code was invalid, that I had to ask a new code to the retailer and that they couldn't do anything for me. They don't want to know that I bought this game more than five years ago so I don't remember where I bought it They practically told me to buy the game again Message 5 of 7 7, Views.

June I'm in the same boat.


Message 6 of 7 6, Views. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.

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Purchase and install an expansion to the game. That expansion's disc will become the new play disc.

Sims 2 NoDVD Patch

This will allow you to play once you return the disc. Also, since you're only missing disc 1, if you can find a disc to borrow, copy it to your hard drive. These files can then be used to install the game again in the future, should you need to. I know this method works, because I have to do this in order to install my non-English edition in English. It involves editing one of the files once the disc is copied to the hard drive.

Other than that, there isn't really any 'legal' way around it other than to purchase a new set of original discs. As for installing it on a Mac, there is a Windows and Mac version of the game, sold separately. Quote from: quaxo on May 25, , PM. Well, lucky for him he has an original license for the game and isn't breaking any laws then. Quote from: quaxo on May 26, , PM.