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While it does a pretty good job of managing your music, it does have a rather restrictive approach. For example, iTunes only supports a small number of file formats, can sometimes make your PC run slowly, or be unreliable. There are plenty of people who are not aware of just how many options are available for managing and playing media. They are all free apps to download and free to use with plenty to take advantage of. However, please note that some are free for a trial period only or offer additional features for payment. Users can record CDs and download music, podcasts and videos, and it can easily cope with more than , music and video files.

It has an intuitive interface to manage various audio and video genres, includes the ability to create playlists, and syncs with iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android devices.

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The free version of the tool has a huge amount to offer but if you want even more you can upgrade to the Gold version for additional features such as advanced auto playlists, automatic organization of files, auto conversion and leveling, professional quality CD ripping and much more. Your iTunes library can be detected automatically and imported upon installation, and users have the option to connect the tool with Last. Vinyls has innovative display controls and be used as a mini player by simply clicking on the green button in the top left corner. The unusual aspect of this open-source media management tool is just how many platforms it supports, including lesser-known ones such as Ubuntu and Gentoo.

As well as social networks, users can add music promotion platforms, cloud storage, music data providers, music subscription services, networked libraries and more. This is a solid iTunes alternative, and its cross-platform approach makes it a good option for syncing a music library between devices via Wi-Fi. Clementine is the media player for you. Though, not likely the most alluring media player out there, it makes up for that by providing a full list of impressive features that never distract from or tarnish your music listening experience.

Clementine focuses solely on the music and it shows in its simplicity, speed, and accessibility. Set up Clementine to search and play music from your local library or any of your uploaded cloud content from the likes of Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box. Clementine is a feature-rich, open source music application which supports Spotify, SoundCloud, Grooveshark as well as a number of other internet radio streaming services.

A powerhouse of a music player offering a robust collection of features such as tagging tools, album cover artwork, an equalizer, visualizations, lyrics, and podcast support. Create and curate your media playlists to your specifications with folder, file, and internet streaming options. Your favorite artists in high-resolution. Music as it was meant to be heard: without fear of audio loss and just clean, clear sound. Touted as the 1 music player for iPhone and Mac, VOX finds its way onto many lists similar to this one, and rightfully so.

Its minimalist interface and powerful features make it a great alternative to iTunes.

Best 12 Alternatives to iTunes for Windows or Mac

Navigate your library using an intuitive UI that emphasizes practicality and ease-of-use while providing a wide selection of audio formats. VOX allows you to enjoy the integration of SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube as well as the ability to import your iTunes and personal library to the Apple device of your choice. These features, along with gapless playback, enhanced stereo sound, bass audio engine, Airplay support, and the option to download playback control extensions for use with Apple Earbuds and Apple TV Remote, makes VOX one of the more appealing media players on the market.

Swinsian is a deceptively powerful, lightweight iTunes replacement. Some of what makes Swinsian so appealing is its music library organization skills. This includes powerful features such as a duplicate file finder, auto dead file deletion, wide format support, folder watching, advanced tag editing, smart playlist support, and so much more.

You can add watched folders for automatic importing of new tracks, which includes cover art, and subscribe to all of your favorite podcasts. Easily import your iTunes library into a UI that includes multiple views, such as art grid, columns, track inspector, and a separate playlist window. The customization is amazing! Yes, I said WMA. Swinsian makes this possible again. Connect your music playing device and quickly transcode and transfer files effortlessly for use no matter where you are in the world.

An old school vibe for the sophisticated music lover. Take control of your listening experience. When it comes to quality of sound, Fidelia has it in spades. The UI is designed to resemble the classic stereo amplifiers of old, decked out with audio wave forms and stereo levels on display.

It even includes a giant volume knob.

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Fidelia was created exclusively for Mac OS X and offers listeners a rich high-fidelity feedback that they can control. Optimize the music your way with no proprietary clutter. Create multiple playlists inside the playlist window. Fidelia will even auto-detect any external DAC and swap when ever a new one is plugged in. You can amplify the audio feedback by applying up to three different effects: Equalizers, compressors, filters, reverb, support for bit audio unit plug-ins, something called CanOpener headphone modeler, and more.

Feel free to convert any of your MP3 files into anyone of these formats as well. Although it is a stand alone app, Fidelia allows you to import your iTunes library including any user-generated playlists right there in the playlist window. Browse your digital music library, adjust playback volume, and navigate through tracks from anywhere WiFi is available.

PodTrans Pro is a far superior option to quickly and easily transfer files between your computer and your iPod.

Swapping large music libraries from your iPod to your computer or vice versa is effortless. You can even sync on multiple devices at once.

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By applying multi-core and hyper-threading, media analyzing is optimized and the with the latest hardware, conversions are accelerated to lightning quick speeds. Practically all formats are easily converted allowing you to rest easy knowing that none of your data will suffer loss. PodTrans Pro will also skip over duplicated tracks in order to keep your library clean and organized. No matter which iPod you currently have, PodTrans Pro will work for them all inlcuding any new models that roll out of Apple Inc.

Musique: Beautifully Simple Player

Sadly, because the use of this program is exclusive to iPods, iPhones and iPads are left wanting. However, there are plenty of other alternatives for you on this list. Far from the cheapest choice on this list, Waltr 2 is yet another incredibly useful, solid alternative to the ever so popular iTunes. File sharing is handled beautifully with this tool as it offers both WiFi and USB cable connection capabilities. If you need to be on the move while USB connected, just disconnect and Waltr2 will pick up where it left off using your WiFi because of its advanced connection stitching feature.

Sticking with the conversion process, even sending newer files to older models proves no obstacle for Waltr2. All lossy files are supported in lossy format regardless of the Apple device you choose to use. It even supports 4K Ultra HD videos and preserves every bit of their quality.