Cannot open website on mac

After you have made sure that the error is not caused by some stupid mistakes, it's time to try the second method. Another possible reason why Safari can't find the server is conflicting data from the past browsing sessions. To solve this problem you can try to clear Safari cache and website data.

safari problem How To Fix “Safari can’t open the page because it can’t find the server” Error

Cached data are temporary internet files that are stored on your iOS device for future use. The purpose is to speed up your browsing experience. If you visit a similar site for the second time, the system won't download the data from the site again but use the local saved or cached data on the device. Removing this accumulated data might solve the conflict and most of other browser-related issues. Safari will be able to connect to the web page that you want to visit.

Most Common Issues with Safari

But the next time you connect to a site, the page load time will take a little bit longer than usual since the system will need to download the data again. Please note that the action will also clear any saved logins or passwords that you stored inside Safari. But if you keep your credentials in iCloud Keychain or other password managers , the data will be safe and won't be removed in the cleaning process.

One more possible culprit of the inability to open the web pages is the path that the device took to connect to the internet.

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Or in the layman terms, Safari might get lost on the way to visit the page. Every website has an IP address that tells other connected devices its location. For example, Google's IP address is actually To change DNS on your iPhone, open Settings - WiFi , then tap the blue "i" inside the circle next to the connection that you use to open the Info window. You can use the search engine to find other available public DNS that you can use.

Web Pages Not Loading? Here's How to Change Your Mac's DNS Servers

This service will also keep the internet safe for children by blocking harmful sites that rerouted through their server. If you are a parent, you could try to use OpenDNS and have a more peaceful mind letting your kids access the internet. Since safari comes with the operating system. Sometimes if the operating system on your iPhone goes wrong, it also affect the software came with it.

In this case, you can easily fix the Safari server error by repairing the operating system on your iPhone with iOS system repair software - ReiBoot. Here's how to fix Safari issues effectively with ReiBoot. If you want, you can reorder the list, moving the new entries to the top of the list.

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If the site is not found in the first entry, the DNS lookup calls on the second entry. This continues until the lookup is made or all the DNS servers in the list have been exhausted. If the new DNS servers you added are performing better then your original ones, move the new entries to the top of the list by selecting and dragging it to the top.

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He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc. Type or copy and paste the following command into the Terminal window. Press the return or enter key after you enter the line above.

Proxy Settings

Host your. Click the Network icon in the System Preferences window. Click the Advanced button.

Fix “Safari Can’t Open Page” Error on iPhone, iPad, Mac

Select the DNS tab. Repeat the above steps and enter a second DNS address, shown below:. Click the OK button.