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Can I actually install the drivers on Yosemite This is because my mac mini doesn't support Mav's. And further, what Mac Os version's does Yosemite Would it work in congunction with for example Mac Os Sierra? That would be great because then I could use a Nvidia graphics card via breakout box over Thundobolt 2 with a bit of tinkering in Terminal according a. Also at only 4GB of memory, I doubt if it would be worth using Windows emulation software either. Posted on Sep 1, PM.

I would uninstall ESET. It tends to interfere with the computer's operation while providing minimal to no benefit unless you work with Windows files. Most long time posters recommend not using antivirus software or cleaning software such as CleanMyMac. Sep 1, PM. Page content loaded. You computer should support dual booting with whatever OS versions your computer is compatible with.

Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. I think the pro tools version that it came with was the student version. And updating the drivers is easy because M Audio will keep in contact with you if you need to update the drivers. I was not complaining. It was truly plug and play. I am not sure if it will be the same for everyone, but I really recommend using this if you are just getting into recording music.

Look on eBay and purchase the package deal with pro tools. It is a great starting point. Did you find this review helpful? I actually really liked this interface, it was one of the only ones that worked in almost any program that I used it in without any issues. It comes with a Lite not sure what its called exactly version of pro tools. I think its like the pro tools student edition or something like that.

But I never used it with pro tools I used it with cubase and fl studio many years ago. I used this thing daily for a while because I traded in some of my gear to get more gear and needed a cheap interface. The manual was on point and very easy to understand. All of the function of the interface are right on the interface its self and noting is tricky to understand. Its very portable, but it feels really cheap though. The knobs are plastic and its not heavy duty at all. Scared to drop it, because it might spit wide open if I do. So I handle it with care, it provides a great sound with low latency.

Fast Track Pro

I have tried several interfaces from M audio and all of them are a little different but this one is one of my favorite ones that they make. I would buy it again in a heart beat. The latency on it is pretty low if your computer can handle running low latency with asio drivers. It comes with Ableton Live Lite 4, but I never really use that anymore.

Just follow the directions, and you'll have NO problem. Other than that, I was recording in Sonar 5. I didn't give this 10's across the board because it could have more features, but it's still pretty loaded. I wanted to get into Pro Tools and I always like having extra recording equipment around. My software recognized it right off the bat and was synced in and ready to go. However, my biggest gripe with it is that it doesn't go loud enough. You have to turn the mix and the gain knobs all the way up to get any decent sound out of the headphones.

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I usually mix at medium levels and crank it up later after I'm done to make sure the mix is right. This thing is too low, imo. Another thing is that the drivers haven't been updated on the mac for quite some time. But since using this I have upgraded to a firewire audio control for lower latency and better quality. But just for starting out this is a good start for the beginners. Check it out. M-audio is one of my favorite companies and they really pack a lot of stuff into this box. Pro tools compatible. Monitoring support.

Tons of TRS outputs and digital outs.

It's even got midi if you want. I had one of the regular fast tracks before I got this one and it's amazing how much more they have packed into virtually the same sized box. I don't use pro tools very often, although it's nice that this is PT compatible. I basically use this as a mobile interface with my laptop. It fits very easily into a laptop bag or backpack or whatever I'm hauling. Latency is good. But the fact is you will only get as much performance as your cpu hardware will allow.

Don't blame the device for your bad latency.

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Cubase generally has good support for maudio products and this one is no exception. I have used a few of their interfaces and all of them have more or less worked great. This interface has two inputs and I haven't had any trouble with mixing them properly.

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Drivers are especially smooth with the pro for some reason. That's a welcome feature I suppose. Everything is laid out for you and even a beginner can probably figure it out on his own.

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Sometimes when a unit has this many features packed in, things can get confusing but the pro is laid out pretty clearly. Functions are all easy to access and the best part is there are a lot of functions. To be honest I don't use the midi and I rarely use all the outputs so I can't attest to how it handles a high traffic audio situation. I do a weekly podcast at a friend's house, and the best thing about this is I can stick it in a laptop bag and take two mics with me for the whole show.

Easy and done. I looked at the other models and this was the smallest interface that had all these features. The only competition is some of the Motu stuff but I believe they are slightly larger? Sound quality is great. I have said for years that digital preamps are every bit as good as the tube gear. I would know because I've used it all. The Pro is in line with my thinking there. I really recommend it. You have a few more features that make it a bit more desirable. I'm a big fan that it has MIDI. For some reason, people don't like to include MIDI in all of these devices.

I'm not sure why because MIDI is such an important part of the recording process in today's world. Heck, it was important even back in the 80s. There are no annoying breakout cables to have to utilize with this, so that's great. I'm a huge fan of self contained pres like this. Everything is laid out in an easy to use manner, and the quality is pretty good. The pres themselves don't sound the best, but they definitely get the job done. I've heard much worse converters out there. You just plug in the devices to their corresponding ports, open up your DAW, set up your preferences making sure this device is selected and you're ready to make music.

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Once you master this, you can really use any other DAW out there, and I'm glad they include that. That said, don't be afraid to try out other DAWs such as Reaper. There are some really great ones out there that have a bit more versatility when it comes to using VSTs and other plugins. It's packed full of features, super simple to use and sounds pretty good. The converters aren't the best in the world, but they're certainly not the worst. I wish it was firewire, but that's a personal gripe I have with most of these devices today. I am a producer and I wanted an external soundcard so that I could hook up my monitors, Sub woofer and Synthesiser all together.

I heard that this soundcard was very good for the price that it was from a few friends so I decided to get this model. The way in which my set up is hooked up is as follows Everything works fine. I do get occasional cracks from latency but nothing that puts me off the product. Whilst recording a DJ set there is no latency at all, it all works perfectly fine and I am very impressed with it.

I run windows 7 so the drivers are updated automatically whenever there is a new update. There was no manual at all, I had to try and work everything out by myself. This was ok because I know my way around these things but for someone that does not, they would be lost definitely.

For example if I want to listen to itunes I would have to set it to line 1 and 2. This can be annoying some times if I forget and no sound comes out. No compatibility issues at all with this, that is probably because I am running windows 7 though and everything updates automatically.

Least favourite thing would be the lack of manual to actually set the thing up in the first place, this really aggravated me and I feel as though M-Audio should really sort this out. This is definitely worth the money and now you can pick it up for even cheaper. Quality is great, can not say anything bad about that. I bought this as a foray into the world of digital recording and I haven't had to buy anything else.

The box is incredibly light-weight and durable not scratch resistant, but durable. I also took a hands on look of one of these at a store and was happy with the general lay out and ease of operation. Nothing complicated, you have knobs for input volume, panning, toggling PAD etc. It took a little work to sync it up correctly with DP but in the end it worked incredibly well. If you are also a Mac User and want to use Garage Band, its as simple as plug and play.

I have taken full use of ever port on this box. I've ran guitars, bass, vocals and microphones through the inputs; ran a MIDI controller into the back and Stereo-ed outed to a sound system. I'm impressed by the extreme capability and ease of use with this tool. The drivers installed with ease and allowed for plug and play connection with most simple software like I said with DP, it was a bit harder. Fortunately enough the programs, drivers and box itself is highly compatible and will work on both PC and Mac brownie points.