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Materials have their own properties, so water flows, wood burns, etc. The materials can be used in two ways, from which everything creative in the game stems from.

This is just the beginning

The first way is relocating the blocks from the point of acquisition to the place where they are required. The second is arranging specific resources in predefined shapes so you can create functional items impossible to create by just putting a block out in the world. Thanks to a large number of block recipes and easy-to-use-yet-complex systems, Minecraft servers have become home to amazing constructions, such as replicas of real architectural masterpieces, or complete recreations of towns or castles from fantasy franchises.

More of an ant farm than a terrarium, actually. Terraria is one of the highest rated games on Steam, with only a negligible percent of negative opinions against almost thousand positive ones. What makes it so great? Excellent crafting and clear visual style are definitely the first things that come to mind when you play Terraria. There is also a significant aspect of venturing into the Underworld to fight monsters and bosses, all of which yield attractive rewards. Terraria has a charming pixel art-based style.

Stardew Valley is a Western tribute to Harvest Moon. A calming and wholesome experience for any fan of farming games with a pinch of crafting. Crafting in Stardew Valley is limited mostly to creating specific items rather than feeding limitless, free-form creativity the way Terraria or Minecraft do. Most items are some form of farming equipment, infrastructure turning produce in high-profit products, elements of decor for your cottage, and the like.

The creativity it fosters has a clear purpose, as opposed to the free-form, build-a-Minas-Tirith sandbox of other games on this list. You also get to interact with the inhabitants of the nearby town, with whom you can build a business, friendly, or romantic relationships. For someone seeking action, there are The Mines, levels of what is basically a dungeon, with weird creatures and treasures. Just be sure all your plants are watered before you go in. No risk of a grievous foot injury.

Lego Worlds. They have nothing on Factorio, though. See, Factorio is a game which is all about creating automated supply chains transporting resources to automated factories, generators, etc. Depending on the mode you choose, you may play to accomplish a specific goal, or just play in a sandbox, creating an ever-growing industrial zone covering the entire map.

Tracing the roots of their popularity for the revolutionary Minecraft , survival games ruled Steam charts for quite some time.

21 Must-Play Games Like Minecraft

They are frequently multiplayer affairs, although one can play solo as well, taking in the sights, and conquering the hostile lands without other survivors interfering. In Conan Exiles you can build bases clinging to cliffsides, hanging upside down from trees etc. Eat your heart out, Captain Nemo. You crash into an ocean on an alien planet. Do your best to survive, but be mindful of your oxygen supply and terrors hiding in the depths of the ocean.

Subnautica is an interesting open-world game combining the survival and adventure themes with crafting in a unique science-fiction experience at the bottom of the ocean of an alien planet. The crafting in this type of game is mostly used in survival as the player has to collect necessary resources to both progress in the game and keep his character alive and going.

McGyver vs. Dino Riders. You wake up on a savage world where dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals roam freely. Build bases, tame animals, make the land your own property. ARK: Survival Evolved. Alien colony scoping. You need to help a group of colonist survive on an alien planet, which obviously involves building bases and managing infrastructure. Arboreality check. This game will make you understand why humanity spent centuries being afraid of forests.

Usually not because of cannibals, but the past was weird.

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The Forest. Mine Raft Craft. While Subnautica is eager to take to the ocean floor, Raft asks you to expand your flimsy raft using flotsam floating around you in the sea. Build your own floating castle by using your hook to catch debris floating by. The titles above are but a few examples of games which share some crafting DNA with Minecraft. If someone is looking for a great game with elements of crafting that will provide him with hours of entertainment and develop his creativity, he should definitely find something for him among the games we have presented. March 25, The phenomenon of Minecraft Minecraft, developed and originally released by Mojang, took the world by storm.

Minecraft Sandbox, survival. Build a cubical cubicle, or anything else you imagine. Minecraft is hardly a game that needs introductions. The ultimate sandbox, and the finest video game translation of what it feels Minecraft is hardly a game that COM Terraria May 16, Two-dimensional combination of a rogue-like and a crafting-based survival game. Build your base, invite NPCs, explore the world. Check more Stardew Valley February 26, Turn a run-down farm into a thriving enterprise.

Manage your time, plant crops, craft tools, and become the most valued citizen of the nearby town. LEGO Worlds gives you limitless bricks and space. Check more Factorio February 25, Set up a factory on an alien world and create efficient and satisfying automated processes. Watch as your plans come to fruition.

Check more Subnautica January 23, Gather resources and fabricate tools necessary for you to survive in an alien ocean. Can you complete your mission and explore the dark depths Check more ARK: Survival Evolved August 29, Work your way from primitive spears to sci-fi assault rifles, ride dinosaurs, and build an impregnable base of operations for you and your team.

Check more Rimworld October 17, Establish a colony on an alien world with the hands of people barely suited for the task. Build a base, explore the world, try to survive. Check more The Forest May 30, Your plane crashed and you and your son have to survive until their rescue. Use the resources available to you to survive in that weird place. Check more Raft May 23, Collect flotsam and use it to expand the raft keeping you alive in the middle of an ocean.

Check more. Terraria PC. Terraria Open world, Action-adventure game. You get to shoot canons at them with pretty amazing visual effects. Infiniminer is the game that Minecraft is based upon. This fact alone makes fans of the block-building genre to try it out despite being an old game.

Zachary Barth, the developer of Infiniminer, discontinued updating the game after a source code leak. However, the game has garnered a cult following, so you still have many players to enjoy the game with. The game is originally designed to be a battle between two teams. The objective is to gather more precious metals than the enemy team.

In order to do this, your team should make the most out of every class available in the game. There are four classes: the miner, the fastest digger; the engineer, equipped with the most building options; the prospector, the one who can spot rare minerals; and the sapper, who uses TNT to destroy huge amounts of blocks. Many players of Infiniminer these days have chosen to just explore the randomly generated game world and create various in-game objects. There are still those who play the team-based battles though.

Choose a server that fits what you are looking for in the game. FortressCraft is a game similar to Minecraft for Xbox You start the game in a randomly generated game world where you can freely explore and create different structures. There is no real objective in the game. You can build whatever you want by using over different blocks. If you are looking to add some spice to the gameplay, you can try the other game modes such as Freezetag, Hunt, and FPS mode.

You can also play relic hunter where you search for relics that grant you special abilities such as increased jump and flight. FortressCraft is a highly enjoyable game. The PC version offers a lot of enhancements and its features are absolutely plentiful. As with most Minecraft alternatives, there is no real objective in this game.

You are put in a huge world of blocks and you can do anything you like. The blocks in this game are made from different materials.

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They vary in color and effects. For example, TNT blocks explode when set on fire and fire and water blocks spread out when used. The key feature of Eden is that you can download and upload maps from a server. There are many detailed maps created by other players and developers. You can use a map of a highly decorated cathedral or enjoy playing in some of the most famous cities in the world. Eden — World Builder is a great game overall. The lack of objectives may put off some gamers, but many find it very liberating. The abundance of maps you can use make the gameplay much more interesting.

Playing Epic Inventor will surely remind you of Minecraft and Terraria.

21 Games like Minecraft that are free to Play - LyncConf

The game is set in a 2D game world. You begin the game with a robot companion. You can jump in and take advantage of the various advantages the robot offers such as travelling faster and a huge arsenal of offensive and defensive abilities. You begin with no resources at all, so you have to slowly work your way up. Build up your resources and create your own city. Manual resource collection will gradually diminish as you progress through the game. Epic Inventor is a highly enjoyable game, with a lot of interesting features that will keep you hooked.

If you want a block-building, action role-playing game, then you should definitely check out Epic Inventor. BlockYard is the game for you if your focus will be on building structures and not on PvP.

10 Best Sandbox Games Like Minecraft

In this game, you can create your own cities, robots, tanks, weapons, airplanes, buildings and anything in between. The gameplay of BlockYard is really simple. You click on the ground to create a block. There are different controls to create various shapes and sizes of blocks. You can then use these blocks and place them wherever you like. The building aspect of BlockYard is absolutely enormous. The only limit is your imagination. You can play BlockYard on your browser. You only need to download the Unity 3D plugin in order to play the game. Different game modes are available in this game. In Gold Hunt, your team needs to gather more gold than the enemy team.

Gamers who want more action will enjoy the other game modes, Deathmatch and Capture the Flag. The various game modes and different character classes keep the game exciting. Brick-Force is a browser-based multiplayer FPS. It can be played on Facebook or through games portal Kongregate. As with most shooter games, there will be a lot of killing in Brick-Force. But if you find killing random users boring, there are quests that will keep the game interesting.

For example, you can take on a quest to kill 50 people using a certain kind of weapon. There is also a leveling system which allows you to unlock customization options as you gain more experience. Brick-Force is a pretty straightforward game. Create your own map, invite other people in, and start firing at each other. BlockWorld is a game like Minecraft for Android. There are two versions of this game, free and paid. This is great as you can try out the game first for free before deciding whether to buy the full version or not. One of the best things that you will notice right away when playing with the menus is that you have a bottomless inventory.

You also have the ability to fly in this game. There are no objectives, so you can fly around the game world and enjoy the stunning visuals. You are also given an infinite amount of explosive devices. You can throw explosives while flying around the map, which makes up for a great time aimlessly destroying things. BlockWorld is one solid building game.

It has a survival mode and a creative mode, making it a perfect clone of the original game. It has sold over a million copies in The main character of the game is scientist Wilson, who finds himself in a dark and eerie world where he must do anything to survive. Combining survival and roguelike elements, you must explore the huge 3D world and gather food, firewood, recipes and avoid enemies.

You gain experience points each day, which unlocks other playable characters. Death in this game is permanent, but a rare item called Touch Stone allows you to respawn albeit in a helpless state. This is the perfect console game for fans of the survival genre. Looking for a Minecraft alternative set in the real world? If so, Synthetic World is a must try for you. This voxel game adds a twist of realism to the popular sandbox building genre. The game has a vast open world. You are provided with a base inventory which you can use to create objects around you.

You can change everything in the environment to your liking: cut down trees, build houses and change the landscapes. Everything in the game looks very realistic, add to that the stunning shadows and lighting effects. Synthetic World is only in its 0. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites.

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